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Can I Reuse My Old Door Hardware With My New Door?

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Wear and Tear Stays Even Warranties Stay in Place The Cons of New Entry Doors With Old Hardware Reasons to Change Your Locks Get New Doors and Hardware from Opal

New entry doors are fitted with new hardware. Des Plaines homeowners can use their old door hardware with their new door, but it is not the best option. When a homeowner chooses old hardware for a new door, we must unbore the door. 

That is a challenging task that many installers cannot or will not do. Also, old hardware might not work with a new door. It is better to choose your new door and new hardware to match the expertise of Opal Enterprises.

Wear and Tear Stays Even

Some Des Plaines homeowners believe they are saving money by using old hardware on new doors, but the opposite is true. You want even wear and tear on your home and door, which does not happen when the pieces are mismatched. 

A few years or months after the door installation, you can notice that the door handle isn’t working correctly, and now you need to replace it. If you had replaced it when you did the door, you would have gotten a better deal and seamless installation. Now you’re paying double.  

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Warranties Stay in Place

Many warranties have exclusions that all products must be new at installation. So if you are getting a new door, you should also get new hardware. 

The warranty often specifies that your warranty is void when you have outdated products that impact the new product. When you change everything simultaneously, there are no warranty issues. 

The Cons of New Entry Doors With Old Hardware

One major con in using old hardware on a new door is security. Inferior or compromised locks threaten home security. 

You want strong locks on your entry doors. If you use old hardware on a new door, that doesn’t mesh well and puts your safety at risk. Break-ins can happen from strangers, previous tenants, former roommates, and ex-partners. 

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Reasons to Change Your Locks

There are many times when it is necessary to replace your locks. One is when you’re getting a new door. When you move into a new home and take possession of the existing locks, replace them. 

New constructions are included because you have no idea who has duplicate keys or master keys and can get into your home. Unfortunately, break-ins happen, and that is another instance where you should change your locks. 

If you lose your keys or have them stolen, you should consider replacing your locks because you have no idea who has your keys and what their intentions are. Home renovations are chaotic, and while most people are well-mannered, some have nefarious intentions. Replace your locks if contractors have access to your home. 

Get New Doors and Hardware from Opal

When you have old or worn-out locks, you should replace them, and if your door also needs a new look, it is best to get them both replaced. 

Opal Enterprises has many door options available and custom hardware solutions to match. You can see your options and discuss your new door at our showroom.