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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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  1. Faulty Windows
  2. Cold Drafts
  3. High Energy Bills
  4. Excessive Window Condensation 
  5. Outside Noise 
  6. Water Damage 
  7. Opal Window Replacement 

There will come a time when you believe you need to change your windows, but you may have some doubts. You do not want to replace your windows too soon, but you also do not want to wait until there is a severe storm that damages your home. 

The perfect timing for your window replacement is when you see these signs. Experiencing these signs in your home also means it is time to discuss your windows with Opal Enterprises in Homer Glen, IL. 

Faulty Windows

If you have trouble using the windows, it is a sign that you need to look into new windows. They might have balance issues, jamming, and sticking. Mold, rot, and rust can also lead to faulty windows. 

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Cold Drafts

Feeling a draft doesn’t mean you should run to replace your windows. But when you have recurring drafts, that is a problem. If you pass by your window and feel a breeze every time, it means the seals are damaged, and your home’s thermal stability is affected. You will need new windows with a weather-tight seal preventing leakage and air infiltration

High Energy Bills

Homeowners often look for other reasons why they have high energy bills, like leaving the lights on in an empty room. What is often the case, however, is your windows are reaching the end of their lifespan.

Your HVAC system will need to work double time to keep your desired temperature, leading to higher energy bills. Do not blame binge-watching your shows as the reason your bills are high; instead, inspect your windows. New windows can help you save energy.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Excessive Window Condensation 

While morning condensation is not out of the ordinary, constant or excessive condensation is. The underlying issue of condensation is that the window glazing is losing effectiveness. You can notice condensation on the interior or exterior of the window. 

You will often see exterior condensation during the summer and other warm months. In contrast, interior condensation is expected during the winter and colder temperatures. Look for new windows that have energy efficiency. 

Outside Noise 

If you hear every noise outside, that is a sign your windows do not have enough insulation. Hearing traffic, dogs barking, and other noises are surefire signs that your windows are not working as they should. Of course, if your window is open, you will hear outside noise. But if it is closed and you can hear everything happening outside, that is not normal. 

Water Damage 

A window can suffer damage from a hail storm or other weather conditions. The Chicago weather is not kind to windows, and they will begin to wear with time. If your windows have chipping, rotting, mold, decay, or cracks, it is time to look into a window replacement. Fiberglass is an excellent way to circumvent these issues because of its durability and performance. 

Opal Window Replacement 

If the seven signs in this article apply to your windows, you must contact us or visit an Opal showroom in Naperville or Des Plaines. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants can review your concerns and help you determine the best solution for your window replacement project.