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  1. Condensation in Chicago 
  2. Where Do You See Condensation?
  3. How Does Condensation Appear on Windows?
  4. It's Not the Windows; It’s the Humidity
  5. Can You Reduce the Humidity in Your Downers Grove, IL, Home?
  6. Ways to Prevent Window Condensation
  7. Is Condensation Ever a Good Sign?
  8. Install New Windows From Opal Exteriors Today

The welcoming community of Downers Grove is warm to everyone who passes through. However, warmth can result in condensation when it comes to windows. Many homeowners believe condensation is a sign of something wrong with the window. 

There are ways to reduce condensation and moisture in your Downers Grove, IL, home. You need windows and doors that can withstand the weather, especially in the cold winter. Installing windows with the help of Opal Enterprises ensures you get the energy efficiency you need and do not have to worry about the weather. 

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Condensation in Chicago 

Condensation is more prevalent in Chicago than in other areas because we experience harsh winter weather. While condensation often happens during the winter when temperatures are low, it can also occur during the summer when it is warm outside, and you have the air conditioner running. 

The age of your home can also affect how much condensation you will experience. Homes built before 1970 do not have the weather resistance that newer homes have. Downers Grove was incorporated in 1875, so many homes were built well before the 1870s. To prevent condensation and home deterioration, homeowners have been upgrading their homes.

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Where Do You See Condensation?

Condensation can happen on the interior or exterior of your windows. Most often, condensation forms on the interior portion of the windows. Condensation is typically seen during the winter on the interior and the exterior during the summer months. This is due to the differences in weather and temperatures reacting with the glass. 

You should be able to remove condensation by simply wiping down your windows. If this does not work, it may be a sign that condensation has formed on the interior panes of the window. 

How Does Condensation Appear on Windows?

Essentially, condensation happens when there is too much moisture on your window. Condensation occurs when the warm air, whether from outside or inside your home, comes into contact with the window. This also requires cool air on the other side of the glass, which can cause moisture and lead to condensation. 

A cold Chicago winter contributes to condensation in your home. You will see condensation on windows because of the reaction between the low temperatures outside and the high humidity inside the house. Homeowners often blame the windows and will even invest in replacing them instead of looking at the root cause. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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It’s Not the Windows; It’s the Humidity

Condensation will block your view and can even drip on the floor, but do not blame the windows. The window material or manufacturer makes no difference in how much condensation you can expect. When it’s cold outside and warm inside, the two temperatures will not mesh well.

You will notice the cycle repeats throughout the winter. The interior water vapor levels must drop inside the home to slow condensation. Double-paned windows do have less condensation than single-paned windows. 

Excess humidity can be detrimental to your home and can even pass through insulation and cause the insulation to freeze, leading to other concerns. Signs to look for in your home that can mean excess humidity include: 

  • Peeling paint 
  • Rotting wood 
  • Insulation deterioration 
  • Moisture spots on the ceiling and walls 
  • Buckling floors
  • Mildew 

Condensation is temporary, and there are some adjustments you can make to reduce condensation that does not involve replacing your window. 

Can You Reduce the Humidity in Your Downers Grove, IL, Home?

One of the leading causes of condensation is humidity. You may want to reduce the humidity in the air, as acceptable humidity levels are between 20% and 60%, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Some ways you can reduce humidity are by:

  • Using a dehumidifier
  • Checking the ventilation in your home
  • Leaving your curtains or blinds open during the day
  • Turning on ceiling fans so that air moves through your home

If you have any concerns about your humidity levels or how to reduce them, you should speak with a professional window company.

Ways to Prevent Window Condensation

There are several ways you can prevent window condensation on the interior and exterior of your home. To determine how to prevent condensation, you will need to see where the condensation is coming from in your house. 

We have already discussed that interior window condensation can be prevented by reducing humidity. However, if the condensation is on the exterior of the window, you can either wait for nature to dry up the moisture, or you can apply a water repellent. 

You might be wondering where to get water repellent. Well, most vehicles use this on their windshields, so you might already have some at home or can easily find it at a nearby store. 

If the condensation is between the window panes, this can signify that you have glass seal failure and the window performance is compromised. You should contact a professional window company to assess your window panes and give you options on what to do next.

Is Condensation Ever a Good Sign?

Sometimes, window condensation is a good sign. It might indicate that your windows are forming an airtight seal. It can also mean reducing air leakage and keeping moisture inside the home. 

Install New Windows From Opal Exteriors Today

Opal Enterprises has been helping Downers Grove homeowners upgrade their homes with energy-efficient windows for decades. You can reduce the interior of your home by using a dehumidifier and looking for problem areas. 

However, if other issues are causing your windows to deteriorate, it can signal that you need new windows. If you feel you have a condensation problem, you must contact Opal Enterprises. We can assess the window and help you find a solution, even by installing new windows. If you are in the Downers Grove, IL, area, you should contact us today to schedule a consultation.