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Why is there moisture inside my window?

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  1. What if moisture appears on double pane windows?


Ahhh, nature’s artwork. Window moisture can be a fun canvas for writing messages to neighbors and a decorative privacy screen. As we all know, it’s not exactly a desirable window feature for homeowners.

Here are a few common reasons you might see moisture on your windows and some helpful tips to remedy the situation.

o double pane windows for better insulation and energy efficiency. Insulated curtains and keeping cold air away from the windows can also help to reduce the fog.

What if moisture appears on double pane windows?

Moisture buildup is much less common on double pane windows because a layer of air insulates the glass, resulting in less extreme temperature differences. If you do see this on double pane windows, then be sure to investigate. If you see moisture in between the panes then you have a broken seal. This is cause for concern because you can’t reach the moisture to remedy the situation. This can lead to rot and mold if it is not addressed. It is recommended that you repair the seal or replace the windows if you see moisture in between panes our window company serving in the Naperville can help with this. If you see it on the outside or inside, then it’s probably the result of extreme conditions. As long as this is a rare occurrence, then it’s nothing to worry about. If you see this often, then you may want to upgrade to a more energy efficient double pane window. Look for Energy Star rated windows, and windows with low-e coatings and argon gas. Andersen Windows and Beechworth Windows are good manufacturers of high quality, Energy Star rated windows.

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