Aurora Replacement Windows Project—Don’t Be Sold Overpriced Vinyl Windows

Aurora Replacement Windows Project—Don’t Be Sold Overpriced Vinyl Windows


Jennifer and Eric B. lived in a second-story condo that needed 5 windows and a patio door replaced. It wasn’t their forever home, but the original windows were about 30 years old and they had been considering replacing them.

In their search for the perfect window replacement contractor, they really wanted the project to be reasonably priced without a pushy sales representative, and they wanted a company with excellent communication. After all, nobody likes being left in the dark.

Vinyl replacement windows had been recommended to them, so they agreed that white interior and white exterior vinyl windows were a fitting selection for their home- plus these fit their HOA requirements, and it was critical that the new windows be HOA-approved. Eric and Jennifer wanted to be sure they replaced the windows with a quality product for not only themselves, but also for the next homeowners when it was time to sell.

Prior to contacting Opal Exteriors, Eric had received an estimate from another company who gave him a whole song and dance about their own branded vinyl windows. Their pitch, lasting over an hour, was rather exhausting to the couple. They even used high-pressure sales tactics like offering a discount if they purchased immediately, without any opportunity to think about it or do further due-diligence. The couple also met with other contractors who showed they were no different. Some provided informal estimates, some wouldn’t provide one until they signed a contract, and some called back a few days later with a lower price to try and entice them. Eric felt all the quotes provided were overpriced, so he sought out a new company that would give him a quality install with a quality product without the runaround. This is where Opal Exteriors steps in!


Eric and Jennifer came across Opal Exteriors on Google and were attracted by the reviews left by previous customers. They visited the show room to discuss their needs and areas of concern, establish a plan, and design their ideal solution. They shared “I loved the step by step contract with pictures that explained what the contractors were going to do for the window installation,” they shared. They also explained that “coming to the showroom to discuss options is what sets Opal Exteriors apart from other contractors.”

Opal Exterior’s support staff also helped Eric and Jennifer communicate with their HOA. Jennifer stated, “When our HOA wanted insurance changes that I didn’t even understand, they [Opal] handled it no problem and even mailed our HOA directly.” Talk about caring for their customers!

While installing their Andersen 100 Series windows and door, the crew was given praise at how professional and understanding they were when a neighbor complained about them walking on the community grass wrong. The couple explained that they had no concerns regarding the clean up or how the crew treated their property. Jennifer shared with us that “Eric commented on how he could tell they really knew what they were doing when he was observing them. He was impressed with how much prep work they did. They weren’t just slapping windows in place.”

We asked what they thought overall, and if they would recommend Opal exteriors to others. Jennifer told us, “Yes, we thought you provided good quality at a reasonable price, without pushy sales!”