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  1. Shade and Comfort
  2. Protection from the Rain
  3. Durability and Affordability
  4. Contact Opal Enterprises About Creating an Outdoor Room

Often homes pour a concrete slab in the backyard and maybe put some outdoor furniture on it and call it the patio. While technically, of course, it is a patio, homeowners can have a much better space these days. Adding a roof to your patio has many advantages, especially when installed by Opal Enterprises.

We are an official dealer of Renaissance Patio Products and can provide and install beautiful patio coverings, sunrooms, screen rooms, gazebos, and pergolas. The structures we build are affordable, beautiful, timeless, and durable, all of which add value and function to your home. 

Shade and Comfort

One of the main reasons to add a roof to your patio is for shade and comfort. A concrete slab or even artfully laid pavers will not get used as often if they are in the glaring sun, and an umbrella can only cover so much space. A nice shady spot will attract your family and friends and make your patio the best room in the house. 

Being able to enjoy being outside, in nature, but with protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is very appealing. You will soon find yourself having your morning coffee, reading the latest book in your favorite series, grilling out and having dinner, sharing a cocktail, or simply enjoying family time on your covered patio.  

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Protection from the Rain

When the rain is falling, you will no longer have to head inside if you have a solid patio roof to sit beneath. Though sunny days are lovely, there is something pretty special about enjoying a rainy day too. With a covered patio, your plans are not spoiled just because the rain begins to fall. 

It is always disappointing when you plan to entertain outdoors, and the rain starts. But, with a covered patio, there is no need to cancel your plans. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and watch the rain fall from the comfort of your favorite patio chair.

Durability and Affordability

If you love being outdoors and protection from the weather is essential to you, you will want to enjoy your patio space for years to come. Any home improvement is an investment in your home’s function, beaut, or value. In the case of a Renaissance Patio cover, it is all three. We are happy to offer affordable, durable patio roofing products that are also beautiful. 

Our patio panels are insulated, providing you with more climate control than other roofing products for patios that are currently on the market. Opal Enterprises partnered with Renaissance Patio Products because of the components included in their products. They are as follows: 

  • Insulated aluminum 
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Heat and cold-resistant epoxy 
  • Baked-on powder-coated finish 
  • Nylon-coated fasteners

The touches we have made ensure that your patio will last through hurricane-force winds, glaring sun in extreme temperatures, and heavy snow loads in the dead of winter. We build patio roofs that are made to last while adding a beautiful, hospitable space to your yard. Best of all, we do it quickly and at an affordable price.

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Contact Opal Enterprises About Creating an Outdoor Room

We are happy to visit your home and brainstorm about the best outdoor room for your needs and your budget. We can ensure a seamless look since we also offer doors, windows, and siding. To meet all of your exterior needs, reach out to Opal Enterprises today.