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  1. Create a Spacious Home With Bay Windows
  2. Benefits of Bay Windows
  3. Materials to Choose for Your Bay Windows
  4. How do You Clean Bay Windows?
  5. Popular Room Applications for Bay Windows
  6. Learn More About Installing Bay Windows

If you want to add more natural light and a unique exterior detail to your home, bay windows are the right choice. You can choose from a variety of materials to add even more charm to your home. 

Our Naperville bay window installers can help you choose what style and design you want for your home. Read on to learn how our team at Opal Enterprises can help you find the right style for you.

Create a Spacious Home With Bay Windows

A bay window is a multi-paned exterior window structure that projects outward from the main wall of a building. These windows feature three or more panels of glass that extend outward at an angle, curving, or straight from the main wall to create additional window space.

The multiple panels of glass are supported by an interior and exterior framework that encloses the projecting window structure. This framework holds the window in place safely and securely while adding architectural detail to the outside of the home.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Benefits of Bay Windows

When you install this type of window in your home, you and your home will thrive. Some key benefits of adding this window to your home include:

  • Increased natural light: The multiple panels of glass allow significantly more sunlight to enter the room, making spaces feel brighter, airier, and more cheerful.
  • Expanded views: They provide views in more than one direction. From comfortable window seats, homeowners can enjoy scenic outdoor scenes or activities on the street.
  • Extra floor space: By jutting out from the wall, they create additional usable square footage inside the home without building outward. This square footage can be utilized as a sitting or reading area.
  • Visual interest: Their unique shape and angular design add architectural appeal and visual interest to the home’s exterior and interior. They give rooms a distinctive focal point.
  • Potential resale value: Well-designed windows can increase a home’s curb appeal and overall value for potential buyers on the resale market.
  • Customization: These windows provide flexibility for custom built-in features like window seats, bookcases, or plant displays that maximize usable space and functionality.

Keep in mind that with every type of window, there will be pros and cons. Our team at Opal Enterprises can help you determine if you want to move forward with the installation.

Materials to Choose for Your Bay Windows

Our trained professionals can install windows made from a variety of high-quality, long-lasting materials. We have experience handling the following materials to match any architectural style:


Vinyl is a very durable and low-maintenance choice that is well-suited for contemporary-style homes. Unlike other materials, vinyl windows won’t rot, peel, or require repainting. 

They hold up well in different climates and temperature variations. Vinyl windows also provide desirable insulating glass that helps lower energy bills. Vinyl is a smart, long-lasting material choice.


Fiberglass combines low maintenance with classic style. Its composite panels are strong and resist cracking or deforming better than some other materials over time. 

Fiberglass is also able to withstand impacts that could damage other types of windows. The choice of fiberglass allows for traditionally styled windows without the ongoing maintenance of wood options. Fiberglass windows beautifully complement historic or traditional architectural home designs.


Composite materials like PVC provide both longevity and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Composites can hold up well against sun, rain, snow, and high winds, similarly to vinyl windows, but also offer a rich woodgrain pattern and styling. 

This allows composite windows to improve your home’s curb appeal while also delivering excellent long-term performance. If you desire windows with the visual appeal of wood without maintenance, a composite option may be right for you.


Nothing replicates the authentic warmth and character added by real wood windows like traditional hardwood. Our team will customize the size and shape and assemble windows made from durable wood species. 

With some routine upkeep and refinishing as needed over time, high-quality wooden windows have the potential to stand as beautiful architectural centerpieces of your home for generations to come. While wood requires more maintenance care than vinyl or composites, partnering with our experienced installation team can help traditional wood windows become a distinctive focal point for your property.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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How do You Clean Bay Windows?

Start by vacuuming between the window panes to remove dust or dirt. This will help the glass cleaning go more smoothly. For the exterior glass, spray with a hose to rinse away loose debris. You can also use mild dish soap and a soft brush or cloth. 

For the interior, open the window if possible for better access. Spray the interior glass with a household cleaner or all-purpose spray and wipe down with microfiber cloths to avoid scratching. Pay extra attention to corners and crevices that tend to trap more dirt. A small angled brush can help reach tight spaces.

When cleaning trim and frames, use a damp cloth and light household cleaner. Avoid excessive moisture buildup near windows and seals. Once a year, check for caulking or weatherstripping cracks or gaps that allow water infiltration. Replace as needed for proper seal.

Popular Room Applications for Bay Windows

If you’re curious about new windows but need ideas for where to put them, our team has you covered. Some of the most common places people have these windows are:

Living Rooms

Large windows are often a focal point in your living room, allowing you to admire outdoor scenery comfortably. The multiple panes bring an abundance of natural light into the space.

Your living room windows also provide convenient window seating for casual reading or conversation. There are endless living room ideas for your new windows.


These windows are practical for letting sunshine brighten your food preparation areas. Your sinks positioned below a kitchen bay will gain extra illumination for tasks like doing the dishes. Plants on the deep windowsill can add lovely decorative touches.

Home Offices

A small window enriches a home office to break up walls and provide changing scenery throughout your workday. Your desk beside this style of windows will make for a productive, inspiration-finding space.


Cozy bedrooms offer private reading nooks in overlooked window alcoves. The snug, sheltered seating is perfect for relaxing with a good book at the end of the day. Natural light also eases morning wake-ups.

Learn More About Installing Bay Windows

When you choose these windows, you’ll get the benefits of new windows at an affordable price. Our Naperville bay window installers at Opal Enterprises are ready to help you beautify your home and provide you with a wonderful remodeling experience.

Contact us to learn more about our team and how we can help you install new windows in your home.