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  1. Double Hung Windows Are Historical Windows Made Modern
  2. Should You Have Double Hung Windows Installed in Your Naperville Home?
  3. Signs It's Time to Upgrade to Double-Hung Windows
  4. Installation Process for Double-Hung Windows
  5. Learn More About Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are timeless and durable windows that can help make your home more comfortable and more energy-efficient. Double-hung windows are a great option if you’re looking for low-maintenance windows for your Naperville home.

Our Naperville double-hung window installation team Opal Enterprises explains what double-hung windows are and how they can benefit your home. Read on to learn about how double-hung windows can elevate your home and how our team installs them in your home.

Double Hung Windows Are Historical Windows Made Modern

The classic double-hung window style remains an enduringly popular choice thanks to its simple yet effective design. This window type features two vertically sliding window sashes contained within the frame.

Both the upper and lower sashes are independently movable, lifted open and closed with ease using opposing counterweights within the frame. This allows airflow to be regulated from both high and low points as needed. On hot days, raise just the bottom sash for a cross-breeze. Or open the top panel alone when extra ventilation is desired high up.

Each sash contains its own set of insulated glass panels divided by durable wood or composite parting stops. Unlike historical single-pane designs, when you choose modern windows for your home that are energy-efficient, they incorporate multiple panes of Low-E coated glass for optimized thermal performance.

The double-hung window got its name because both window openings can be “hung” up and down with smooth operation. This user-friendly two-way design has stood the test of time, satisfying homeowners’ ventilation and easy-use needs for centuries.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Should You Have Double Hung Windows Installed in Your Naperville Home?

Deciding whether to install double-hung windows in your home can seem like a difficult task. But knowing the benefits that double-hung windows can provide you and your home can help you make a decision. The most notable benefits of double-hung windows include:

Versatile Ventilation Control

Double-hung windows offer flexibility to ventilate specific rooms as desired. On the main level, open the bottoms in bedrooms at night for fresh air flow. During the day, lift tops only in offices for a constant breeze without direct sun. 

In a basement family room, opening both sashes allows full airflow and bright natural light. This custom ventilation means comfortable air circulation tailored to each space’s unique uses. As needs change throughout the day or seasons, ventilation can easily be adjusted, which may improve indoor air quality and comfort.

Effective Cross-Ventilation

Their dual operation provides cross-ventilation, making these windows a great choice for breezy airflow. Installing opposite-facing sets along a central hallway maximizes cross-breezes that disperse hot air out and draw in cooler options naturally. This reduces temperature fluctuations between rooms and lessens strain on the AC system. Factors in tighter insulating glass and double-hung windows rival other types for energy efficiency while allowing adjustable ventilation, which many homeowners prefer.

Easy Operation

The lifting motion is simple for people of all ages and abilities to operate independently. For those with limited mobility, reliably opening windows at varying heights enhances safety and inclusion. Maneuvering just one sash accommodates temporary or long-term needs. Low-maintenance cords mean lasting dependability without costly upkeep.

Complimenting Architectural Styles

Double-hung windows complement traditional architecture across multiple styles. In historic homes, they preserve period charm and resale value. Modern aesthetics come in smooth, clean-lined frames as well. 

You can speak with our Naperville installation team about material options like vinyl, wood, and composite to find the best fit for both functions and curb appeal based on your home’s exterior.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to Double-Hung Windows

There are several indications that you may need to replace older windows with new double-hung windows. Here are some signs you may need to upgrade your windows:

  • Drafts and inefficient insulation: Windows that let in cold drafts in the winter and heat in the summer are inefficient. You can test for drafty windows by feeling around the edge of the windows for gusts of air. You may notice condensation between the panes of glass. Improved window insulation can significantly boost comfort and lower utility bills.
  • Difficulty opening and closing: Old windows with worn-out pulleys, locks, or seals may be difficult to open or close properly. New double-hung windows with smooth operating hardware are much easier to use.
  • High repair costs: If you find yourself spending a significant amount annually fixing and repairing rundown windows, it’s likely more cost-effective to upgrade to durable composite or vinyl windows.
  • Aging appearance: Windows that have faded, pitted, or peeling wood can detract from curb appeal. New double-hung windows come in low-maintenance styles to suit any architectural design.
  • Safety and security concerns: Deteriorating windows may pose safety risks and lack proper locks or seals. Energy-efficient double-hung windows enhance both security and peace of mind.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Installation Process for Double-Hung Windows

Our team at Opal Enterprises will carefully remove your old windows to prepare for the new installation. We will inspect the surrounding framing and perform any necessary repairs. Once the opening is cleared, we will thoroughly clean it and ensure the surfaces are flat, level, and ready for the new window. We will install window flashing, tape, and fasteners to protect it from water and securely mount the replacement unit.

The new window will be precisely positioned within the prepped opening. We will use the approved fasteners to attach it to the anchors in the frame securely. Perimeter caulking will be applied around the exterior to seal gaps. We may also install and ensure proper insulation around your new windows if necessary.

You can rely on us to fit and install the necessary interior and exterior trim components properly, as recommended. All trim will be flashed, sealed, primed, and finished to your liking. Screws and nails will be set and sealed correctly.

We will fully operate your new window to ensure smooth functionality. Hardware will be inspected and adjusted if needed. Our comprehensive tests will confirm easy and secure operation throughout its full range of motion.

Learn More About Double Hung Windows

At Opal Enterprises, our team of experienced Naperville double-hung window installers can help determine if double-hung windows are right for you. If you need two or more windows replaced, we can give you a free remodeling estimate for how much the project will cost.

Contact us to learn more about what double-hung windows are and how they can benefit your home.