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How to Choose Modern Windows for Your Home

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Being so close to the city, you want your Oak Park home to fit in with the modern look of Downtown without breaking the bank. One way to achieve a contemporary style is to replace your windows.

New windows will improve your curb appeal and add more light to the home. Your windows have many customization options to add a modern touch to your space. Opal Enterprises offers various window styles to find you exactly what you need. 

Modern Window Features 

Determining whether you have a modern window is challenging because most Oak Park homeowners are not interior designers or architects. For modern looks, you must take the outlook of less is more, like thinner frames and accents. 

Modern windows are known to bring in more light than traditional windows. Other features that contribute to a modern window are:

  • Frame color
  • Lack of grilles
  • Size
  • Placement 

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Modern Window Styles

There are some go-to styles to make it easier for Oak Park homeowners to find modern windows. Gliding, casement, and picture are contemporary window styles that do not stress homeowners when making design choices. 

Casement windows hinge at the side and are often in kitchens. When looking at Andersen Windows, you can choose from the A, 100, 200, or E-series. 

Gliding windows open side to side and work for tight spaces where it is challenging to open the window outward. Pictures windows have no openings and are larger than others. Therefore, they are best to make a statement in your living room or sitting area. 

Andersen offers them in the E, 100, 200, and 400 series. For some Oak Park homeowners choosing from one of these pre-made windows is enough, but other homeowners want customization. 

To Grille or Not to Grille?

Minimalism is the key to achieving modern windows. If you have traditional windows, you likely have grid patterns, but you must refrain from grilles for a modern window option. 

However, you can incorporate some grille patterns and still achieve a modern look. If you choose black windows, you can add colonial grilles to fuse modern and traditional. 

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Color and Wood 

The color you choose for your windows will also be a factor in achieving a modern aesthetic. Black windows are the go-to color for modern homes, but not all Oak Park homeowners are willing to make such a bold move. 

Another way to achieve a modern feel is by choosing wood windows that work well in boho spaces.  

Size and Placement 

Aside from the style of your window, you must also consider the placement if you opt for floor-to-ceiling windows, which are an excellent way to create a modern look. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows expand the space and let more light shine through. Setting some windows low on a wall is another method to add a modern touch to your home. 

Opal Enterprises Has Window Options

Opal has many window options available to Oak Park homeowners who visit a showroom. You can sit down with our project managers to find your new windows’ style, color, and placement. You also have hardware options to add to your modern windows.