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ProVia Windows vs. Andersen Windows: Which Brand is Right For You?



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  1. ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Materials
  2. ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Durability
  3. ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Energy-Efficiency
  4. ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Design
  5. ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Warranty
  6. ProVia Windows vs. Andersen Windows: Which Brand Is Right for You?
  7. Speak to Us to Learn More About ProVia and Andersen Windows

Are you interested in installing new windows in your home or business in Illinois? Often, the first step of installation involves selecting the brand of windows you want to use. Our Naperville window replacement services team at Opal Enterprises often recommends options from ProVia or Andersen.

When it comes to ProVia windows vs. Anderson windows, which brand is right for you? The right choice can depend on the end goals for your project and the kind of warranty you want. We’ll go over both brands in detail to help you decide.

If you have further questions about your options, you can call or fill out our online contact form.

ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Materials

When looking for the right window brand for your remodeling project, we recommend considering the materials used in the window construction.

ProVia Window Materials

ProVia manufactures vinyl and vinyl-clad windows using SunShield vinyl. They engineer this material to resist cracking, warping, and chipping; some PreVia windows have SunShield vinyl over a wood frame.

Andersen Window Materials

Andersen makes both vinyl-clad and composite-frame windows. The composite windows use a mix of recycled wood and PVC; they use a specialized FibrexⓇ compound to go beyond the strength of standard vinyl.

Both ProVia and Andersen use similar materials, though some property owners prefer one form of vinyl over another or want a composite frame.

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ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Durability

Durability determines how long your new windows will last. Selecting a durable window can help you avoid replacements, saving you money in the long run.

ProVia Window Durability

The SunShield vinyl used by ProVia can stand up to UV rays and heat. These windows are also weather resistant. They should not blister, pit, chip, peel, or crack. Additionally, ProVia designs them to resist rot.

Andersen Window Durability

Andersen’s Fibrex windows have a very thick finish, making them more durable than standard vinyl windows. In addition, Andersen designs these windows to sustain temperatures up to 150 degrees while sealing your home to avoid drafts and wind.

We find that both ProVia and Andersen windows display high amounts of durability.

ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows can help you save on your monthly expenses by insulating your property better. Therefore, comparing this aspect of ProVia windows vs. Andersen windows is essential.

ProVia Window Energy-Efficiency

ProVia received ENERGY STAR certification for their windows. They offer multiple glass types, including a gas-filled option that offers significant insulation for your home. This option sets ProVia windows apart from the crowd.

Andersen Window Energy-Efficiency

Andersen windows also received certification from ENERGY STAR. Many of their windows have Low-E coatings that can prevent the penetration of UV rays from entering your home. They also offer multi-paned windows.

Both Andersen and ProVia offer energy-efficient windows. However, ProVia’s gas-filled windows do offer the highest amount of energy efficiency.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Design

We understand the importance of selecting a window that fits your aesthetic preferences.

ProVia Window Design Options

ProVia has four lines of windows, offering eight window types through these lines. The windows have four standard colors. Some models can be painted or stained. ProVia also offers some options for tinting and decorative glass.

Andersen Window Design Options

Andersen manufactures five lines of windows, also in eight different styles; the company boasts 50 frame colors for some models. In addition, the company offers several options for glass customization, including the inclusion of art glass.

Andersen has more options available, but both companies may have a model that suits your tastes.

ProVia vs. Andersen Windows: Warranty

It’s easy to skim over the warranty options offered by window manufacturers, but these documents can help you save money if your window sustains damage. Therefore, we’ll consider them as we compare ProVia and Andersen windows.

ProVia Window Warranties

ProVia covers their windows for defects for as long as you live in the house where you installed the window. They also cover any damage to the window frame and hardware for the same period. In addition, ProVia covers damage to the window stain or pain for ten years, with some exceptions.

Andersen Window Warranties

Anderson offers limited warranties for some window models. They cover non-glass components for these windows for up to 10 years, providing coverage for manufacturer defects. They also cover manufacturing defects on factory glass for 20 years.

Both ProVia and Anderson include exceptions for their warranties, so these agreements do not cover all forms of damage. ProVia’s warranties last longer, making them more appealing to some property owners.

ProVia Windows vs. Andersen Windows: Which Brand Is Right for You?

Now that we’ve discussed ProVia and Andersen windows in more detail, you may wonder which brand represents the best choice for your renovation project. Both brands offer excellent windows that come in multiple styles and boast high levels of energy efficiency.

However, ProVia does offer some gas-filled options that have increased levels of efficiency. Additionally, ProVia offers a more robust warranty, which may benefit you if you plan to remain in your home for many years.

Our team at Opal Enterprises can review your goals and help you look over examples of both ProVia and Andersen windows. We have solid relationships with both companies, handling installation services for commercial and residential properties throughout Illinois.

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When comparing ProVia windows vs. Andersen windows, it can feel challenging to determine which brand is right for you. Fortunately, you can turn to our team at Opal Enterprises for professional support and direction.

Call or complete our online contact form to discuss your window options and learn more about installation services in Illinois.