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What Is a U-Factor for Windows?

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Why U-Factor Matters for Windows Replacing Your Old Windows  What Is ENERGY STAR Efficiency? Opal Enterprises Is a Top Window Replacement Company 

Your windows are supposed to keep your home at the temperatures desired. When they allow air or heat to escape, this affects the comfort of your home and your energy bills. So, how do homeowners know how much heat they are losing through their windows? The answer is the U-factor. 

Why U-Factor Matters for Windows

The U-factor is an energy performance rating that measures how much heat passes through the window. The lower the U-factor, the less heat is escaping through your window. A low U-factor also means you have prep insulation and your energy costs are much lower. 

Living in Hoffman Estates, you want a low U-factor during the winter. These months are extremely frigid, and you want as much heat as possible to stay in your home. 

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Replacing Your Old Windows 

You want to keep more heat in and lower your energy costs in the winter. If you have a high U-factor, you will want to replace your windows. When you have a single glass pane or double pane clear glass, your U-factor is probably very high. These types of glass do not hold in heat very well. They also do not keep out the cold. 

Deciding to invest in new windows is challenging, primarily due to the costs. You must work with the experienced window replacement professionals from Opal Enterprises in Hoffman Estates to ensure you get the savings and window replacement service you need for your home. 

A better option would be an ENERGY STAR-rated window. The savings benefits far outweigh the costs, and you will save more on your energy expenses in the long term than if you did not replace your windows. 

Depending on which direction your windows are facing, your U-factor can vary. Opal Enterprises will also consider the solar heat gain coefficient (SGHC) when determining which windows we need to replace. The SHGC measures how much sun gets into the home through the window. It is preferred to have lower SHGC and U-factor scores for peak window performance. 

What Is ENERGY STAR Efficiency?

ENERGY STAR windows are held to high-performance standards, and not every remodeler is qualified to work with these windows. It is essential that you work with Opal Enterprises to ensure your windows are correctly installed. When a window is installed incorrectly, it creates a drafty house, and you lose in the long term. 

When looking for a new window, look for the ENERGY STAR sticker. It is crucial to work with an experienced Hoffman Estate window replacer. Your windows may also be eligible for tax incentives with the ENERGY STAR rating. 

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Opal Enterprises Is a Top Window Replacement Company 

Opal Enterprises prides itself on only installing ENERGY STAR-rated windows. Local cities, villages, and governments do not award permits to just any contractor. Local governments have strict code requirements, and if the contractor or window does not meet these standards, a permit will not be issued. 

Opal Enterprise does not have this concern because we use top-rated windows and have to pull permits for most of our projects. Contact Opal Enterprises to find out your U-factor score and replace the windows in your Hoffman Estates, IL, home.