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Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

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  1. What Determines When to Replace a Window?
  2. What if Only One Window Needs Replacement?
  3. Do Windows Have a Life Expectancy?
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Remodeling projects are expensive, and you want to save as much money as possible while also repairing the problem areas around your home. When it comes to replacing windows, many homeowners wonder if they can replace one or a couple of windows instead of them all. 

While technically, you can replace a set of windows at a time, it may not be the best strategy. You need expert advice on the best window replacement strategy in the Plainfield, IL, area. 

What Determines When to Replace a Window?

There are some apparent signs a window needs replacement. There are also some subtle signs you cannot see. When you have a window with leaks, broken glass, or trouble opening or closing, you need a window replacement. If any of these appear on your windows, you can no longer postpone replacement. 

The less obvious signs that you need a window replacement are condensation, drafts, and outside noise. Since these signs seem like an inconvenience, many homeowners do not take the proper steps to look into window replacement. Instead, they wait until the windows are beyond repair, which leads to other problems. 

One question remains: what if only one or a few windows need replacement?  

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What if Only One Window Needs Replacement?

You do not need to replace all the windows in your home, although it is recommended. There is an option to break up your window project over several years. You need to work with a reputable contractor who can work with you over the years and is not going to disappear. 

Most contractors will take on a project like this if the homeowner can agree to do five or eight windows at a time. Anything less, and the company is unlikely to split up the project. 

Most of the time, you can work on one or two rooms at a time when splitting up your window replacement. The best way to split up the project is to first focus on the problem areas, such as windows with damage to them. 

Next, work on windows that are beginning to show the subtle signs mentioned earlier. The last step of window replacement is the newer ones that need upgrading for better energy efficiency and to match the rest of your home. 

Do Windows Have a Life Expectancy?

While you can replace your windows after wear and tear, windows have a life expectancy. Every 20 years, you must replace the windows in your home. Opal Enterprises can complete a total window replacement in a few days, depending on the size of your home. While a homeowner will be inconvenienced for a few days, it is better than spending years replacing your windows. 

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Opal Enterprises Window Replacement 

You must be honest about your expectations and budget to find the best window replacement solution for your home. Whether you need a full or partial window replacement will depend on several factors. Discuss your options with an expert from Opal Enterprises. Contact our window replacement experts today.