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Can I Replace Only the Glass in My Home Windows?

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  2. When Is Glass Replacement a Good Idea?
  3. When Is Window Replacement a Good Idea?
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Replacing the glass on a home window is typically not the best route to take, as this can cause you to lose the insulating glass. When it comes to a glass coffee table or a mirror, you can safely replace the glass. But this is not recommended for home windows. 

Whether you should replace the glass or the window will come down to several factors of your home needs, as well as your budget. You may be concerned with the costs associated with the two options, but you should think of both the short-term and long-term consequences. 

A temporary fix may suffice. But it is, after all, only temporary. You might also be able to replace specific components of the window instead of the entire window in your Northbrook, IL, home. 

Window Replacement in Northbrook, IL

Window replacement can be costly, especially if you need to install windows all around the home. However, there are some benefits to keep in mind regarding window replacement. When you have your windows replaced, you will be able to take advantage of energy-saving benefits. If you are selling in the future, the value of your home will also increase. 

This is because your home’s insulation will be upgraded, which is essential for all Chicagoland homeowners. Another feature that you may enjoy from window replacement is noise reduction. Some windows allow more and more outside noise to get in after years of wear and tear. Some windows have specific soundproofing features to add to your window replacement. 

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When Is Glass Replacement a Good Idea?

Glass replacement, as we mentioned, is a temporary solution to your window needs. This involves removing the broken or cracked glass and replacing them with new glass. This can only be done if the frame is left undamaged and in a relatively new condition. This option is also less expensive in the short term. 

You can typically get a glass replacement when condensation between the panes and your sashes are on the newer end. Keep in mind this is temporary, and you can face issues with your windows down the line. 

When Is Window Replacement a Good Idea?

Glass replacement may not be an option if you have an older, broken, or poorly working window. You will not be able to replace the window if it is a single-pane glass. Window replacement can be an extensive process since it requires the removal of the existing window from the frame and installing a brand new one. 

The most common reason you will want to replace your windows is due to damage; they are no longer working, your window may no longer match the aesthetic of your home, and may not provide the energy efficiency of a newer window. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Prices for both a glass or window replacement will vary. It will depend on the materials and style of windows you choose. Contact Opal Enterprises to find the best solution for your Northbrook, IL, home today.