Buying Replacement Windows in Wheaton Doesn’t Need to be Difficult or Confusing

Buying Replacement Windows in Wheaton Doesn’t Need to be Difficult or Confusing


Maureen L. needed to replace 15 windows for her home. Her current windows were old, no longer functioning properly, and not very energy-efficient. She is planning on selling her home in the future and wanted to invest in new windows but did not want to overspend. She did as much research as she could before calling potential contractors, but after getting 4 estimates, she was thoroughly confused. The estimates she had received for the windows seemed overly high; however, since she wasn’t a replacement window expert, she wasn’t confident.

She had home improvement projects done in the past and was very distrustful of the estimation process. This current situation caused her to relive some of those past anxieties. She didn’t want to be pressured into buying the wrong product, and she definitely didn’t want to overpay for windows that didn’t fit her needs. She originally wanted vinyl windows, but every salesperson whom she spoke to tried to convince her that their windows were the best. How could that be? How could everyone have the “best” windows? She was even told that vinyl was not a good option. She didn’t know whom to believe.

Maureen simply wanted to work with a company that would help her in finding the right solution for her home that fits her needs and budget. Fortunately, her neighbor recommended Opal Exteriors.


Maureen decided to give Opal Exteriors a try. “From the very first phone call, I knew this was the right company,” she writes in her Houzz Review of Opal. “The admin who took my phone call was able to answer numerous questions and was able to explain the whole process, something that I was not getting from the other companies.”

Ryan, the Opal representative, perfectly exemplified Opal’s customer-first approach. He took the time to fully understand Maureen’s concerns with her home’s current windows. He asked numerous questions to understand the goals that Maureen wanted to achieve with her new windows. Ryan took the time needed to help Maureen understand the differences between vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows without pushing one product over another. Then he provided her various options that would meet Maureen’s goals and budget. It wasn’t a sales presentation with a “sales pitch” and a “close” at the end…it was a collaboration, which is not only the customer-friendly thing to do, but also the right way to do it.

“Ryan was not at all pushy and worked with us to get the right window product. He was prompt with his response and provided us with a complete proposal within 5 days. The cost of the project, with a superior window product, was better by far than the other quotes,” she writes.

In the end, Maureen chose fiberglass double-hung windows.

As for the installation, here’s what Maureen had to say: “Our onsite crew of Jack, Ted, and Jesus were incredible. They communicated with us prior to the actual date to make certain all was in order. They were even able to start one day early. When the crew showed up, their experience and craftsmanship was obvious. They immediately jumped on the installation and worked a long 8-hour day. They showed up promptly the next day and completed the entire project in 2 days. In addition to the excellent installation (no problems or issues), they cleaned up the workspace and removed all the debris and boxes. What a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Opal for any window project.”