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We all have windows on our homes, but we rarely think about why. Would you like to know the answer? – So you can LOOK THROUGH THEM!

A clean, perfectly installed window, paired with a perfect smile, can drastically improve the overall likability (or creepiness) of your home.

To get the overall feeling you want from your visitors and even the general passerby, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you achieve the lovely look you lust for.

First off, here are some looks we recommend you definitely DO NOT go for. These looks add absolutely nothing to the appeal or charm of your new house glasses.

Pictured above, is the “I’m so lonely I could cry” look. This is the look you get from someone’s house you will probably not leave after you enter its basement.

Unless your intention is to have people immediately call local law enforcement on you, make sure your grandpa’s window always has the proper window treatments. Blinds can help a great deal when it comes to crazy roommates.

When you see this, it’s safe to assume there is something behind you. Either that, or you yourself, are possibly a Demogorgon.

Last but not least, your children might be freaking out your friends, just saying.

Did you know that Opal’s window replacement contractors install privacy and art glass as well? Some triple pane windows from Andersen will add that extra layer of security and privacy so you can keep your look as clandestine as you want.

So be happy! Know you have the knowledge required to not creep out your friends and family!

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