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  1. Tips for Choosing a Window Installer
  2. The Opal Lifetime Labor Warranty
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There are many window installers in the Chicagoland area, and it can be challenging to find the right one for you. When looking for a window installer, you want someone honest, knowledgeable, and reliable. You will also need to consider price and artistry. 

Your window installation will last you for decades to come, and the installer you choose will make all the difference. Here is a top-five list of the best window installers in Chicagoland: 

#1. Windows by Opal Enterprises in Naperville
#2. Windows by Opal Enterprises in Des Plaines
#3. Erdmann Exteriors
#4. Pro Home1
#5. Next Door and Window

Tips for Choosing a Window Installer

Narrowing down your list to five is the first big step in choosing a window installer. Now that you have the top five installers in the area, you still need to pick just one. Choosing the best window company for your home is challenging, but here are some factors to consider. 


The price for any home renovation project is a critical factor in decision-making. You should do some research and plan to come up with a budget that works for you. 

Do not go for the lowest price because you are settling for inferior quality materials or inexperience. Find an installer that has flexible prices that work within your budget.


Your Des Plaines home reflects you, and when replacing your windows, they should also reflect your style. You will have different styles to choose from and frame materials, colors, hardware, glass type, and shapes. 

You may have a specific style in mind and need to find an installer that offers this style. The more window options you have, the easier it will be to achieve the look you desire for your home. 


You need a company offering warranties on the workmanship and material. You must consider how long the warranty lasts and what it covers. 

If the installer offers two different warranties, ensure you understand how they work and who to contact for any questions. It is a red flag when a window installer in Des Plaines does not offer any warranty.  


You want an installer with a stellar reputation. You have to trust the people who are working on your home. You should review customer testimonials and reviews online

You should also speak with other clients for a first-hand account of the service. If possible, ask to see a current worksite. It is not always possible to visit a worksite, but it can help you decide. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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The Opal Lifetime Labor Warranty

All Opal Enterprises projects have a lifetime labor warranty. The Opal team takes pride in their work and puts our all into every project. Our exclusive warranty covers any issues that come up from our original installation. 

The warranty is non-transferrable, so it will stay with the property owner who purchases the materials and the project. The one provision in the warranty is if any work is done by a non-Opal installer, the agreement is void. 

Call Opal Enterprises Today

When you work with Opal, we are always one phone call or email away. As the top two window installers in Chicagoland, we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.