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How to Choose a Window Company

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How to Choose a Window Company

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to make the best decisions for your house. And that means choosing the best home improvement company around to perform projects—such as replacing windows and doors, installing decking, and replacing siding—at your home. But gone are the days when you could pick up the local phonebook and find the best local contractor there. In the age of the internet, it seems like you have a million and one options for a project like a window replacement.

how to choose a window companyTo lend a helping hand, we’ve rounded up a list of the most important questions to ask yourself as you choose a window company. Read on!

Are They Experienced?

There’s no substitute for experience, as they say. Home improvement companies with more than a decade of experience under their belts, like Opal Enterprises, have seen it all. That means they’ll know exactly how to handle anything they might encounter as they perform your home’s window replacement. In addition to longevity in business, it’s important to choose a window company that uses skilled and experienced installers, like we do at Opal Enterprises. It’s the only way you can rely on flawless installations that perform beautifully for years.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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How’s Their Reputation?

Reviews are often the best way to assess a window company, and they don’t always have to be online. Keep your ear to the ground in your community to hear what people are saying about your local window companies. After all, your neighbors’ experiences with a company will most likely resemble yours!  Remember to consider company culture, as well. Companies that respect their employees, treat their customers professionally, and operate according to a strong set of values are your best bet!

Have They Won Awards?

There are a number of industry accolades out there that a home improvement company can earn. Some of the most prestigious include:

  • Remodeling Magazine’s BIG 50 Award
  • Top 500 Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine
  • Maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Best Pick Exterior Remodeling Company Certification

These are just a few of the accolades Opal Enterprises has earned over the years. Make sure to ask your window company how they’ve been recognized in the industry for their hard work and dedication!

Do they Use Quality Products?

Where they source their products from is perhaps the most important question to ask of the window company you’re considering. You can rely on well-known, industry-leading manufacturers—like Andersen, Kolbe, and Alside, the manufacturers Opal Enterprises uses—to deliver truly exceptional products that will last for years and help make your home more energy efficient. After all, you want your investment in your new replacement windows to last, so don’t settle for off-brand windows that can’t hold a candle to the top-performing products out there.

Turn to Opal Enterprises

You’ve done your research, dotted your I’s, and crossed your T’s, and now it’s time to choose the right window company for installing replacement windows in St. Charles! Opal Enterprises is here when you need us.

We have more than a decade of experience, maintain consistently positive reviews and a great reputation, tout several industry accolades, and only source our products from industry-leading manufacturers. You deserve the best, and that’s Opal Windows. Contact us today to learn more!