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Top 5 James Hardie Siding Colors Popular in My Area

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Favorite colors are subjective since different people like different things. However, many homeowners will see a design or style they like on another home and do something similar. When you start a trend, it is common that others will follow. 

Since there are many trends around the Midwest, there are a few popular colors for James Hardie fiber cement siding that Opal Enterprises offers. You will be surprised by the most popular colors in Des Plaines. 

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding 

There are many different materials for your siding. While James Hardie gives competitors a run for their money with their options, one popular option is fiber cement siding. While you may see a lot of vinyl siding around town, fiber cement has a more extensive color palette. While there are an endless number of color options, the top five are:

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Rich Espresso

Many homeowners are afraid of darker colors, but a little rich espresso adds the right touch of darkness and class. Your home is sure to stand out with a bold color. You can also pair it with a lighter color to show contrast. You can also use rich espresso as a trim or accent color. There are many ways to add intensity and elegance with rich espresso fiber cement siding. 


Cobblestone is the way to go when you are looking for a color that is more neutral or tame. The cobblestone James Hardie offers has a taupe base and warm undertones. The best accent colors are darker colors. Many homeowners will add a dark door and trim to bring out the warm undertones. A bold light fixture will also make an impression. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Pearl Gray

When you think of pearl gray, your mind will go to sand and seashells. It is a neutral color that adds a touch of elegance to any home. It is light, soft, and polished. But it is a multi-faceted color, as it can look good on modern or traditional home exteriors. 

Night Gray

A darker color is the best option when you want a more dramatic look at your home. Night gray is cool, passionate, and modern. The color shows confidence and works well with other shades of gray. You can add a light trim to tie everything together and get a distinctive look.  

Boothbay Blue

You do not often see blue homes, but it is a popular James Hardie fiber cement siding option. It is a softer, peaceful shade that reminds homeowners of the water. Boothbay blue is often paired with white trim. There is a very homey feel to this color. 

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While these are the top five colors we see among homes in Des Plaines, James Hardie has many color options available. You can find the color combination that works best for your home. James Hardie also offers custom options for homeowners. 

If you’re unsure what color combination will work, one of our Opal Enterprises team members can help you decide when you contact us for a consultation. We have samples for you to interact with at one of our showrooms.