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How to liven up your home’s exterior?

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Your home is a reflection of YOU! Add a little more you to your home, and it’s guaranteed to pay off. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or outstanding, just a little something to prove “someone lives here”. Perhaps a unique mailbox, handmade stepping stones, personalized planters, interesting house numbers, or a little door wreath. Whatever speaks to you that will reflect your personality a bit on the exterior of your home. Not only will this liven things up, but it will also make it easier for guests to find and remember which house is yours.

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Mixed materials, textures, and shapes add an enticing element of interest. When you’re ready to renovate your home’s exterior consider something a little different. Try combining different siding widths, materials, and architectural styles for a lively exterior. You can also consider interesting roofing patterns, using trim work for artistic design, stylish shutters, and artistic pathways.

Outdoor decor is one of the easiest ways to show off who you are outside your home. Incorporate faces, vibrant colors, or just something that screams you. Consider DIY projects, you can never go wrong with a handmade touch.

and Most Importantly Have fun, take your time, and be yourself!


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