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How Much Should I Pay for New Windows in My Park Ridge, IL, House?

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When homeowners think of renovations they would like to complete on their homes, many do not consider adding new windows. However, this home improvement project is one of the most beneficial home improvements for homeowners. Replacing new windows can help increase a home’s energy efficiency and elegance. Both aspects can assist in making a home more comfortable. However, many homeowners soon discover how quickly the cost of replacing all windows adds up.

Cost of New Windows in Park Ridge, IL

Several different factors determine the price for new windows in a home. The cost of new windows is based on the type of windows you want, the size of the windows, and the number of windows you need. For example, fiberglass windows can cost you anywhere between $500 to $1,500, while wood windows cost you $150 to $1,300. Other factors like whether the windows are energy efficient or if you need additional customized features will also contribute to the price of the window.

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The Average Cost of New Windows

While the cost for new windows depends on several factors, the average cost of new windows ranges is an average of $650 per window. This usually ranges between $300 and $1,000. In addition to the price for new windows, you would also be responsible for paying labor costs. You can assume to pay between $100 and $300 per window for proper installation.

Materials Used

One of the crucial factors in determining the costs for new windows is the materials you choose to use. For example, materials such as aluminum are a more cost-efficient material for many homeowners. To seek a greater return on your investment with added windows, you want to make sure that whatever material you decide to use not only complements your home but is energy efficient. Energy efficiency is one of the most prominent features homeowners search for in new windows.

Type of Windows Installed

Another factor determining the price of new windows is the type of window you choose to install. Two of the most popular types of windows are single pane and double pane. Single pane windows are windows with just one pane of glass between the interior and exterior of the home. These types of windows are more cost-efficient to replace than double pane windows. Double pane windows are windows that contain two panes that are separated by air.

Double pane windows can block any heat or air from entering the home. These windows are ideal for energy efficiency and can help homeowners save a significant amount of money on energy bills. Discuss your project with our team for more details on window replacement in Park Ridge.

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