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6 Top Benefits of a Beechworth Window

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  1. Beechworth Windows are truly an excellent choice! Here are 6 reasons why...

6 Top Benefits of Beechworth Windows Infographic by Opal Enterprises

Beechworth Windows are truly an excellent choice! Here are 6 reasons why…

Energy Star Rated
Beechworth Windows are highly energy efficient and Energy Star Rated. In fact, Beechworth is an Energy Star Partner! The windows are engineered to surpass Energy Star Requirements. A Beechworth Window will keep you warm and cozy while saving on energy costs.

Low Maintenance Fiberglass Exteriors
Beechworth Windows premium fiberglass frames offer both strength & long lasting beauty. The fiberglass exterior gives the window an attractive low-maintenance finish that doesn’t need painting or refinishing. They are also very easy to clean.

Elegant Wood Interiors
Beechworth Windows come with a gorgeous pine wood interior that can be stained or painted to your liking. The interior wood provides a warm look and feel with simple elegance. Beechworth Windows have a naturally beautiful wood interior and stylish hardware options to match.

Superior Manufacturing – Strength & Durability
Beechworth Windows are 15x stronger than vinyl windows, and have shown 5x less movement than aluminum windows based on testing statistics. Beechworth Windows are manufactured in the USA with craftsmanship excellence.

Customizable Color & Design Options
Beechworth Windows come in a stylish variety of color options, grille patterns, and window styles to chose from. The wood interior is fully customizable and can be installed finished or unfinished. A Beechworth Windows contractor can pre-finish it for you, even match your existing molding & trim!

Harmony with Hardie!
Beechworth Windows and James Hardie Siding are the perfect match! James Hardie Siding colors look harmonious with Beechworth. Plus having Hardie and Beechworth together makes for a superior exterior! Beechworth Windows were specially designed with James Hardie Siding pairings in mind.

Beechworth Windows in Harmony with Hardie

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