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6 Fun Ways to Use Stone Siding

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Stone Siding & Veneer offer many design possibilities. Here are 6 fun ideas to get your designer juices flowing!


Stone Siding & Veneer offer many design possibilities.

Stone siding and veneers come in a wide range of colors and style, even brick! One of our favorites and most frequently installed is Versetta Stone. Good quality stone veneers and siding are made of a composite of real stone, so they offer many of the same benefits. Many stone siding products are made with recycled materials, so they’re often earth friendy.

Here are 6 fun ideas to get your designer juices flowing!

1. Lower Exterior of the Home

hardie espresso siding with stone siding on lower wall

Installing stone siding on the lower portion of a home’s exterior is the most popular usage we encounter, and rightfully so. It looks great! There are other benefits to installing stone siding in this area. Stone siding is often more durable against impacts, and it is highly moisture resistant. Most stone veneers & siding options can withstand a weed wacker and other likely encounters better than vinyl siding. Many homeowners choose to install stone veneer solely on the front of the home, but we recommend going all the way around for the ultimate appearance & durability boost! A lower wall installation also looks amazing if you install it inside recessed porch!

2. Chimney


There are so many gorgeous design possibilities for stone siding in this area: retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, patio enclosures…

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4. Columns & Entries

entry columns with stone siding

Add entry elegance with the look of stone columns and stone accents. Stone siding looks amazing on gabled entryways and front porches. Just a little bit of stone veneer on entry columns is an easy way to give your home a huge curb appeal boost!

5. Interiors

Interior with versetta stone - photo from Boral building products

Play around with stone veneers and siding indoors! They look terrific on fireplaces, bars, and room dividers. Some stone veneers, like Versetta Stone, are mechanically fastened and don’t require any mortar. This type of stone siding is perfect for indoors, because there’s less risk of installation mess!

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6. Accent Walls


Don’t be afraid to cover a whole wall with stone siding. This works beautifully on homes with multiple gables and separate wall structures. Accenting an entire wall with a stone veneer can give your home the unique look you’ve always dreamed of.

Want more design inspiration?

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Have a guest house you’re looking to spruce up?

Or maybe a fire pit that needs just that extra touch to make it feel like a different place from your home? Stone siding can elevate your home’s add-ons and amenities into destinations in their own right. An expert siding installation in Naperville could transform your backyard into your new favorite place!