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4 Color Options With the Andersen 100 Series Awning Window

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  1. Awning Window Benefits 
  2. Colors Options that Work for You 
  3. Low Maintenance and Energy-Efficient 
  4. Other Benefits of the Andersen 100 Series 
  5. Opal Enterprises and Andersen Windows 

Andersen 100 series products have many benefits. The Fibrex material in the windows is made of block thermal transfer 700 times better than aluminum which helps save money on cooling and heating costs. 

Other features to consider are colors that last, attractive matte interiors, superb weather resistance, and easy-to-operate openings. There are warranty options available depending on your window options. Work with Opal Enterprises to review your window options and work with a preferred installer.  

Awning Window Benefits 

Awning windows have a hinge on the top and open outward. You can also opt for non-operating stationary windows. Awning windows are best paired with casement windows. You will often see them in small spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. 

Awning sash locks promote security. You can achieve a seamless look when you choose similar options for all your windows. Several accessories are available, like opening control devices, grilles, insect screens, and vent limiters. 

Awning windows typically do not have slats, so they offer an unobstructed view of your exterior. The key benefits of these windows are a boost in natural light, improved airflow, and window placement. You should discuss your options with our team to meet your needs. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Colors Options that Work for You 

You have light and dark color options for the interior and exterior of your home. The most popular options include white, black, dark bronze, and sandstone. You can also choose window finishes that work for your home, like satin nickel, antique brass, and more. There are five exterior and four interior deep, rich colors. They will not fade, rot, blister, or peel. They are nearly maintenance-free. 

Low Maintenance and Energy-Efficient 

The Andersen 100 series is made of Fibrex composite. The material is a budget-friendly option and is often used as an alternative to vinyl. Several glass options can also promote the energy efficiency of these windows. 

Low-E glass helps keep heat inside during the winter, which is a benefit in Naperville. SmartSun glass can help shield your home from the sun’s heat with 95% UV ray blocking. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Other Benefits of the Andersen 100 Series 

There are windows available for every room in your home. You can get fresh air and natural light in big and small spaces. You can get awning windows from Andersen in various sizes. Sizes for awning windows can be up to four feet wide and three feet high. 

You also have two hardware styles and different grille patterns. With so many choices, Naperville homeowners will find the best combination to match their homes. 

Opal Enterprises and Andersen Windows 

Awning windows can be installed in a few hours but can take longer, depending on individual factors. Opal Enterprises works closely with Andersen windows and can offer custom options. When you meet with our team, we will discuss your goals, give you a quote, and place an order. 

When the materials are available, we will set an installation date and remove your old windows, install the new ones, and clean up. You get full-service options when you work with Opal Enterprises. Visit one of our showrooms to get started.