What to do with leftover siding?

What to do with leftover siding?

After a siding project your likely to have some leftovers. Instead of storing them away in the attic, why not have some fun? Create matching decor and more with these fun DIY project ideas.

DIY Creations you can make with leftover house siding

An adorable matching bird house

The birds deserve a little luxury too. Give them the ultimate protection and curb appeal by adding a little siding to their house.

Backyard Chicken Coop


You know you’ve always wanted a chicken coop… imagine fresh eggs every morning. Now you can ensure positive feedback from the neighbors with a nice looking coop exterior. The chicks in this house will live in style with their matching house siding.




Who says mailboxes have to be boring. Make your own sturdy mailbox and add siding for a long lasting and attractive point of delivery. You’ll be excited again to hear, “You’ve got mail!”


Garden Shed


You’ll truly feel at home while tending to the gardens. Add a little siding and trim to match your house.


There are so many fun ways to use leftover siding: doll houses, dog houses, interior wall decor, interesting sculptures, diy window shutters, tree forts… Get creative and share your projects with us!