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New windows and siding installation in Aurora IL



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  1. How was this beautiful home renovation achieved?
  2. A totally new look!
  3. Complete with a 5-Star Review!
  4. Want to see your home transformed?

A smart, sleek and modern home upgrade was achieved with all new windows and siding in Aurora Illinois. Opal siding and windows contractors really got to show off their skill on this project. The design and product choices made by the homeowner are spot on! In this project, Beechworth Windows and James Hardie Siding were installed to perfection.

New siding and windows installed in Aurora IL

How was this beautiful home renovation achieved?

Consultation & Collaboration

Before every project Opal consultants work with each homeowner to visualize their home renovation. Consultants provide detailed information about materials and color options with guidance on style. The collaboration here really shines through. The before and after photos are like night and day. It’s really a whole new home!

Careful Removal of Old Siding & Windows

Exterior materials must be carefully removed to make room for the new. Opal NEVER installs double layers! Double layers can lead to major problems with leakage and deterioration. All older homes are first tested for lead based paint. In this case, it tested positive. As an EPA Certified Lead Safe remodeling company, Opal always follows the proper guidelines and extra precautions for careful removal and disposal of lead tainted building materials.

Inspection and Weather Protection

After siding is removed, the home was checked for any rotted wood or other areas that may need repair before the new siding goes on. This process is the same for windows and trim areas. Rotted wood is a very common issue when replacing old windows. Re-framing is often needed on older homes. Once the home was in top shape, home wrap and flashing was installed to protect the home to the fullest. For all James Hardie siding installations, a special HardieWrap® is used. It’s specially designed for the specific climate of the installation location and is a high-performance barrier. This wrap offers breathability, keeps walls dry, prevents mildew, and even reduces energy loss.

James Hardie Siding Installation in Aurora IL

High Quality Products Installed

James Hardie Siding

This is a fiber cement siding with excellent durability qualities including moisture and fire resistance. It’s also very low-maintenance so it looks great for a long time. The colors are also special. James Hardie ColorPlus® technology is UV resistant and won’t peel or crack because it’s baked on.

Ok, on to the style and colors used!

For the main portion of the home’s siding, textured woodgrain planks in the color Aged Pewter were installed. For the upper shingle style siding in the gable area, the color Iron Gray was used. White trim, accents, columns, and belly bands were added for contrast and covering edges.

James Hardie Siding Aged Pewter

J&N Stone

The lower front and porch area of the house were outfitted with beautiful stone work. Opal’s masonry team installed J&N Quartz style stone.

J&N Stone Installation on porch with Beechworth Window in Aurora IL

Beechworth Windows

Window replacement crews installed strong fiberglass windows by Beechworth. A total of 28 new windows were installed in several styles: double hung, picture, and awning. The window in the front porch area was added for more natural lighting and the curb appeal enhancement. The frame color chosen was all white to match the trim and accents. Several of the windows included colonial grids for added style. Best of all, the grids are between the panes for easy cleaning!

Beechworth fiberglass windows

A totally new look!

This Fox Valley area home has outstanding curb appeal now. It’s truly transformed into an “Opal on the block”.

New siding and windows installed in Aurora IL

Complete with a 5-Star Review!

Want to see your home transformed?

Contact Opal today for a consultation. Our team serves a wide range of Chicagoland suburbs with home exterior renovation services. We are based out of Naperville and Glenview Illinois. We pride ourselves on providing a wonderful remodeling experience. Our 100s of 5-star reviews say it all.

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