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Why Do I Hear Tapping on My Window at Night?



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  1. What Causes Windows to Pop?
  2. When Does a Window Popping Sound Mean There's Damage?
  3. How to Fix Popping Noise on Windows
  4. What Are the Material Options for New Windows?
  5. Learn More About Why You Hear Tapping On Your Window At Night

When you hear tapping on your window at night, your first thoughts are probably quite eerie. But it’s likely that your windows weren’t installed correctly or that their temperature is fluctuating, causing normal contractions. 

At Opal Enterprises, our Naperville window replacement services can help you get to the bottom of the noises you’re hearing. Read on to learn more about window-popping sounds and how we can help fix it.

What Causes Windows to Pop?

The most common cause of window popping sounds is natural expansion and contraction from changing temperatures and humidity levels. As outdoor temperatures fluctuate daily and seasonally, the wood components in windows expand and contract slightly in response. Similarly, interior humidity levels impact the wood.

During the day, or when temperatures are warmer, the wood absorbs moisture and expands slightly in size. Then overnight or when it cools down, the now-larger wood attempts to shrink back to its original position.

This constant cyclical change in the wood dimension puts stress on the joints, balances, and seals holding the window components together. It can make popping noises as the strain is relieved when parts shift back into place.

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When Does a Window Popping Sound Mean There’s Damage?

In most cases, periodic popping noises from windows are not a sign of damage but rather the natural result of thermal expansion and contraction of wood. However, excessive popping or odd noises could indicate an underlying problem.

Some signs that popping may be due to damage or deterioration include:

  • Loud, sharp popping that seems to be getting worse over time rather than tapering off. This suggests increased strain.
  • Noises accompanied by visible cracks emerging in the framing or sashes. Thermal movement alone shouldn’t cause the wood to fracture.
  • Pops and creaks only occur in certain windows and not others. Uneven movement may point to localized rot or defects.
  • Popping from vinyl, composite, or aluminum windows. These materials don’t expand as dramatically as wood.
  • Sounds accompanied by drafts, water leaks, or sticking or binding of moving parts. This could mean compromised seals or structural faults.
  • Very high-pitch pops that don’t seem to match the larger sizes of window frames. This may signal issues within the wall cavity.

How to Fix Popping Noise on Windows

Replacing windows can help address excessive popping, but the first step is having a professional evaluate your existing windows. We can perform an in-depth inspection of each window, testing for structural integrity and looking for indications of damage or deterioration contributing to noises.

By removing screens and trim, inspectors can fully examine frame joints, weatherstripping conditions, balance systems, and points where the window meets the surrounding wall. We will identify any weaknesses compromising the window’s ability to move freely.

Our inspection report will recommend the best course of action, whether it’s minor repairs, selective replacement, full window replacement, or just routine maintenance. This avoids unnecessary upgrades and helps determine the root cause of popping.

Repair Techniques Naperville Professionals Use

If repairs are feasible, our professionals have numerous techniques for fixing window popping at its source. One technique includes installing new-felt window balances to tighten joints, lubricating tracks, or replacing rotten wood.

 The right repairs allow windows to flex naturally with temperature swings again silently. Strategic parts replacement or retrofitting stabilizers can resolve popping in problem areas.

If replacement is the necessary repair, our Naperville team can perform the installation quickly and properly. New windows designed for the local climate mean less expansion or contraction strain, putting an end to unwelcome nighttime noise disturbances.

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What Are the Material Options for New Windows?

If our team determines that you need new windows, we can also replace any outdated or damaged materials. At Opal Enterprises, we have a variety of materials you can choose from, including: 


Vinyl is an affordable option that requires little maintenance. Windows made from vinyl are very durable and energy efficient. Unlike other materials, they won’t rot, crack, or rust over time. Vinyl windows are also available in various colors to complement your home’s exterior.

Vinyl also ensures proper insulation. With thermal pane glass and seals that prevent air leaks, vinyl windows receive high-performance ratings for energy efficiency. This can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills every year.


Fiberglass is a very strong and resilient material that is highly resistant to dings, dents, and other impacts. Windows made from molded fiberglass units will maintain their visual appeal for decades with very little upkeep.

Fiberglass is also a top performer in insulation. The material itself, coupled with the advantage of double or triple-pane glass options, makes fiberglass windows some of the most effective at preventing heat transfer. This saves substantial amounts of energy and lowers utility costs over time.


Wood window frames have a classic, charming appearance that can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. The aesthetic of natural wood complements both traditional and modern architectural styles.

Despite requiring more maintenance, wood also has structural advantages over some materials. As a natural product, wood contains internal moisture and maintains flexibility, allowing windows to adjust and adapt subtly to temperature and humidity fluctuations with limited stress.

However, wood does require annual sealing and refinishing to protect against rot, swelling, or cracks. It also tends to have a shorter lifespan before repairs may be needed compared to others. Proper upkeep is essential for wood windows.


Composite windows are a low maintenance option while retaining the appealing aesthetics of wood. By combining plastic or fiberglass with wood fibers, composite windows gain strength and durability without losing visual warmth.

Composites also provide excellent insulation on par with top-rated vinyl and fiberglass. With warm-edge spacer systems and multiple-pane glass, composite windows receive top energy efficiency certification. This lowers heating and cooling costs significantly over time.

Learn More About Why You Hear Tapping On Your Window At Night

At Opal Enterprises, our team can help you understand what could be causing tapping noises on your window at night. Our Naperville window installation team can check your windows to see if you need maintenance or a replacement. 

Contact us today to learn more about tapping noises on your windows.