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What’s the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows?



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  1. Single and Double Hung Windows Open Differently
  2. Benefits of Single-Hung Windows for Your Home
  3. Benefits of Double-Hung Windows
  4. How Opal Enterprises Can Help With Your Single or Double-Hung Windows
  5. Learn More About the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows

The main difference between single and double-hung windows is how you can open them. Both single and double-hung windows can be a valuable and beautiful addition to your home. But deciding can be a time-consuming task if you don’t know the differences and benefits of each.

Our Naperville window replacement services team at Opal Enterprises explains the difference between single and double-hung windows. Read on for help understanding the difference between these styles of windows to determine which is right for you.

Single and Double Hung Windows Open Differently

The difference between single and double-hung windows is how they open. Single-hung windows only have one window that opens, which is on the bottom. The top window does not open, and it serves as a decorative and fixed window. So, to open this style of window, you have to open the bottom glass panel, commonly called a sash, by lifting the window.

But with double-hung windows, you can open both the top and bottom windows. Usually, you open the bottom window first, and then you can push up the top window to let air in. An easy way to remember the difference between them is to remember that for double hanging windows, both windows open and are “hanging” essentially.

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Benefits of Single-Hung Windows for Your Home

Another difference between single and double-hung windows is the benefits each brings. Single-hung windows bring more light and value to your home, but there are so many more benefits you’ll receive if you decide to go with this style. Our Naperville single-hung window installation team is excited for you to enjoy the following benefits after we install your single-hung windows:

Easy Operation

The simple one-sash design of single-hung windows makes them incredibly user-friendly and convenient to operate. Moving only a single sash up and down is an intuitive motion that feels natural. This means even young children can independently open and close them to let in fresh air or ventilate steamy bathrooms.

For elderly homeowners or people with limited mobility, the single-sash model poses none of the difficulties that managing two movable panels in a double-hung could present. Whether you need to crack open a window a few inches on a mild day or swing it wide on a hot summer evening, the simple up-and-down motion allows fast, easy adjustment from any position. Their streamlined operational function makes single-hungs a welcome choice in every room that requires openable windows.

Lower Cost

By featuring one fewer moving parts than their double-hung counterparts, single-hung windows provide material and labor cost savings at both the manufacturing and installation phases. Less wood is required to produce just a single panel track rather than two. The quantity of glass, balancing springs or counterweights, weatherstripping, insect screening, locking hardware, and other components is significantly reduced.

Even the labor hours needed for assembly are clipped by dealing with a single-sash configuration. With less complexity in their design and construction, single-hung windows facilitate lower price tags passed along consumer benefits. This translates to financial advantages for homeowners during replacement projects, allowing more windows or other upgrades for the same investment.

Suited for Tight Spaces

Narrow nooks like above kitchen countertops or tight bathroom shelves leave little wiggle room for bulky double-hung windows. But the slender form of single-hung models opens up placement prospects in restricted areas that would otherwise be impossible. Since these windows measure several inches less in width than a comparable double-hung, single-hung window squeezes neatly into confined corners.

Our team will also have easier access to tasks like exterior glass cleaning without having to maneuver multiple moving panels. Whether you need ventilation over a sink or tucked into the shower alcove, single-hung windows maximize viable window placement throughout the home, including small spaces that no other option can fit.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows give you double the benefits that you’ll notice in your home immediately after installation. After our Naperville double-hung window installation team installs your windows, you can enjoy these benefits:

Maximum Ventilation

Thanks to their dual-sash design, double-hung windows are in a class of their own when it comes to optimizing ventilation. You can enjoy unprecedented customization over airflow that you can’t find with other styles. Both the upper and lower panels can be adjusted independently between any number of positions.

This allows cross-breezes with strategic height placement: one sash up high to catch prevailing winds and one low for exhaust. On milder days, lowering and raising sashes fully maximizes the intake of fresh outside air.

Unlike single-hung models, where only the bottom operates, double-hung windows maintain ventilation even when furniture or other items sit directly in front. With two adjustable tiers, double-hung windows double your ability to control interior climate for enhanced year-round comfort.

Architectural Symmetry

Double-hung windows exemplify an aesthetic that upholds traditions. Their symmetrical top-to-bottom pane configuration is right at home in historic revival or period-style homes with 20th-century windows, preserving a signature look handed down through centuries.

Identical sashes balanced above and below retain an eye-pleasing proportional elegance whether positioned fully opened, partially closed, or anywhere in between. This signature traditional charm extends elegance inside with the balanced framework itself as well as outside curb appeal. Their symmetrical design makes them suitable for virtually any home inspired by architectural greats of the past and can always be modernized with custom colors if you wish.

Enhanced Security

With two movable sashes, double-hung windows allow both panels to be locked in place from the interior to provide added protection. This prevents intruders from entering even if they manage to open a single pane. By fully lowering and securing both sashes, the window effectively transforms into a fixed panel that deters unwanted access.

Dual locking points also require twice the effort for an intruder to unlock compared to a single-hung. And if one lock is compromised, the second sash provides backup security. Double-hung windows offer peace of mind with redundant locking for burglar deterrence both during occupancy and vacations alike, when security matters most. The extra locked barrier helps protect families and personal property.

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How Opal Enterprises Can Help With Your Single or Double-Hung Windows

When you decide on whether you want to install single or double-hung windows in your home, our experienced and professional team will be there to help you throughout the process. The first step in installing your new single or double-hung windows is customizing them to your taste.

Our team partners with some of the most experienced and well-known window manufacturers; one of our partners is Andersen Windows and Doors. As a proud Andersen windows dealer-installer, we get access to the wide variety of customization options Andersen offers. You can choose from premium materials like composite, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Then, you can choose colors from Andersen’s extensive color library that match your home’s aesthetic.

After you’ve decided how to customize your windows, our team will take the proper measurements and install them. When you choose our team of experienced window contractors, you don’t have to worry about randomly selected contractors because our team is passionate and knowledgeable about every project we do.

We want your single or double-hung window installation to feel like the special occasion it is. That’s why we celebrate your purchase and make an effort to personalize your experience to the best of our ability.

Learn More About the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows

Our team of window replacement installers in Naperville understands how important it is to choose the right windows. If you’re still undecided about whether you want to install single or double-hung windows, our team at Opal Enterprises can offer our advice.

Contact us to learn more about the difference between single and double-hung windows and which is the best choice for you.