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  1. What Makes These Windows Unique?
  2. What Are the Benefits of Specialty House Windows?
  3. Stop Being Cookie-Cutter and Upgrade with Opal

When Naperville homeowners choose standard windows that do not stand out, which creates homes that look the same. Adding a specialty window makes your home stand out. Specialty windows come in shapes. 

Yes, you have windows that are different sizes, but they are not specialty windows. While Opal measures and ensures the windows are a perfect size, we also offer specialty windows. If you want to add a specialty window, we can make the openings where no windows exist. 

We can also replace existing windows with specialty ones. The options are endless when you work with Opal Enterprises.

What Makes These Windows Unique?

Windows come in boxy shapes like squares and rectangles, which is boring. You can change your living space and use creativity to choose a specialty window. Basically, a window is unique because it has a distinctive shape and structure. 

These windows are made to stand out from the rest. Some popular shapes include:

  • Half Circle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Oval
  • Trapezoid
  • Octagon 
  • Cathedral 

There are more options available. Your exterior will stand out, and your interior will feel bigger depending on your chosen shape. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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What Are the Benefits of Specialty House Windows?

Many Naperville homeowners do not see any benefit in opting for specialty windows aside from the aesthetic, but there are benefits. Of course, the most significant advantage is there are many options available, and you can make them in nearly any shape your heart desires. To make a custom window, you can add arches, curves, and angles. 

However, you must consider your home overall and how these shapes will look. Some styles work better in some homes than others. 

Home Architecture 

You can try a custom configuration using specialty windows and standard windows. You can pair specialty windows with traditional ones to enhance the theme further. Another benefit is these windows are eye-catching in any room, and your guests will be staring at the window. 

Energy Efficiency

Specialty windows are not operable, which boosts their energy efficiency. Your energy costs are much lower, and that saves you money. 

It also makes the space where the window is more comfortable. Drafts cannot get in because the windows cannot open and are sealed to the frame. 


Naperville homeowners are not restricted in where they can place these windows. You can place specialty windows in any room. 

Suppose you have a small guest bathroom that needs light; a specialty window is perfect. It will brighten the space, and you do not have to worry about leaving it open. 

Stop Being Cookie-Cutter and Upgrade with Opal

Who needs a cookie-cutter window that looks like everyone else in the neighborhood? Use your creativity to find a specialty window that works for your Naperville home. When you want specialty windows, you have many options available, and you need to speak with an Opal team member to find what accentuates your home. 

You do not want a window that makes your home ugly. Visit the Opal Naperville showroom to review your options and bring your windows to life.