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5 Tips for Choosing Your James Hardie Siding Color

What can we help you find today?

  1. Take Inspiration From Your Neighborhood
  2. Choose Siding That Complements Your Architecture
  3. View Samples or Three Dimensional Renders
  4. Establish Your Preferred Palette
  5. Work With Professionals to Install Your Siding
  6. Opal Exteriors Goes to Work For You

There are dozens of ways for you to customize the appearance of your home. Opal Exteriors wants to help you express yourself through your siding. We work with James Hardie Siding to bring you an array of blues, grays, whites, and beiges for you to experiment with until you find your style.

How, though, can you choose your Jame Hardie siding color as easily as possible? Let’s break down some pre-installation tips that can leave you delighted with the look of your home.

Take Inspiration From Your Neighborhood

If you’re not sure what color of siding you’re interested in, take a look at the world and homes around you. What houses in your neighborhood catch your eye? How do your neighbors use color to draw attention to their homes’ best features?

You can draw ideas for a siding color palette from pre-existing homes as well as the color wheel before customizing your home’s siding accordingly.

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Choose Siding That Complements Your Architecture

You can also choose your James Hardie siding color based on the colors you know may complement your home’s architectural style. Both the James Hardie Hardie Architectural Collection and Statement Collection Colors for James Hardie Siding are designed with certain styles of homes in mind.

For example, colonial homes tend to look best when sided in lighter colors, though you can add an accent to draw an onlooker’s attention. If you live in an adobe home or ranch house, your home may look best when sided in brown or warm red siding. It’s hard to go wrong with grays and gray-toned reds, too, especially if you live in a newly-constructed, contemporary home.

You can even invest in Tudor, Stucco, or Naperville siding through James Hardie to achieve a certain look for your house.

View Samples or Three Dimensional Renders

When in doubt, you can always request that siding professionals help you visualize how your James Hardie siding might look on your home. The samples of Hames Hardie siding available through Opal Exteriors include the following:

  • Boothbay Blue
  • Iron Gray
  • Mountain Sage
  • Countrylane Red
  • Aged Pewter
  • Rich Espresso
  • Deep Ocean
  • Evening Blue
  • Gray Slate
  • CobbleStone
  • Timber Bark
  • Navajo Beige
  • Khaki Brown
  • Monterey Taupe
  • Night Gray
  • Stone Veneer
  • Pearl Gray
  • Light Mist

You can ask our team to create a three-dimensional rendering of your home in any combination of these colors that you like. This way, you can see what your preferred color combinations look like without committing to a full siding installation first.

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Establish Your Preferred Palette

Once you’ve gathered your inspiration, viewed relevant samples, and explored the colors that suit your architecture, it’s time to commit to a color palette. Even if you’re not sure what you want the whole of your palette to look like, you can choose a color that speaks to you and build off of that color accordingly.

You can specifically work with Opal Exteriors’ team to determine what trims, secondary colors, and stonework will best complement the siding colors you want to integrate into your home’s overall look. Once you’ve selected these tones, you can begin working with our experts to install your siding, trim, and additional features.

Work With Professionals to Install Your Siding

You do have the option to install your home’s siding yourself, but why would you? If you’ve never installed siding before, you may find that your efforts end up costing far more money than it would have to work with area professionals.

What’s more, Opal Exteriors makes it easier than ever for a busy homeowner like you to install the siding you want in little to no time at all. James Hardie specifically works with two types of contractors through its Contractor Alliance: Preferred Contractors and Elite Preferred Contractors. Opal Exteriors ranks as one of the alliance’s Elite partners.

What’s more, our team specializes in the installation of James Hardie siding on all types of homes and businesses. You can count on us to help you install a range of siding types, including the following:

  • HardieWrap Weather Barrier
  • HardieBacker
  • Soffit Pre-Cut Panels
  • HardieTrim Boards
  • Panel Vertical Siding
  • Mastic Siding
  • Mastic Vinyl Siding
  • Plank Lap Siding
  • HardieShingle Siding
  • Dream For James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Opal Exteriors Goes to Work For You

If you want help choosing the James Hardie siding color that will best suit your home, look no further than the experts with Opal Exteriors. Our team can share computer-generated, individualized housing designs with you so you can see what your house might look like with different shades of James Hardie siding.

Opal Exteriors is an Elite Preferred Siding Contractor with James Hardie and offers homeowners a five-year warranty on all siding installations. To learn more about the best siding colors for your home as well as the installation services we offer, reach out and schedule an appointment with the Opal Exteriors team today.