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Should I Insulate My Patio Roof?

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  2. A Smart Way to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space
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You should consider an insulated patio roof when designing your outdoor space, specifically covered areas. While in some rooms, you only want to provide minimal shade and actually want sunlight to trickle through, at other times, protection from the elements might be the priority. At Opal Enterprises, we provide you with all of the options. 

Why Choose Opal Enterprises? 

  • We are the official dealer of Renaissance Patio Products in the Chicago area. Meaning we can provide you with the highest-quality patio covers in the region. 
  • We provide design and engineering that will exceed your expectations. We take your site, our local climate, and state and local codes into consideration when planning your build. 
  • Our products are durable, affordable, functional, and beautiful. We pride ourselves on being able to install patio covers that seamlessly integrate into your home’s exterior since we also offer doors, siding, and windows

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A Smart Way to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Insulating the roof of an outdoor room may not immediately make sense. Since the walls are screened or open air, you are not actually using insulation to trap heat or cold air inside a room. So, why should you consider insulating the roof of your patio? 

  • An insulated roof will keep extreme temperatures away from your patio. Meaning your patio will be far more comfortable during the hot summer months. 
  • Insulated patio covers provide you with complete shade. Depending on the amount of shade that your backyard naturally has, this can really be a game changer. 
  • They often look more attractive and like a permanent fixture. The insulated roof allows the outdoor room to feel like an extension of the home.
  • These types of roof offer protection from rain, and with channel drainage, you avoid rain splatter.
  • The enclosed roof allows you to hide the wiring and workings that come along with lighting, fans, and other electrical capabilities.

An insulated roof adds value to your home because of its high-end appearance, the functionality it provides, and the added usable space that is available for more of the year.

Enjoying the Outdoors with Some of the Benefits of the Indoors 

Sometimes, in the hotter months, we look out the window and wish it was cool enough to get outside and enjoy the day. An insulated patio roof will extend the season so that you can truly enjoy being outdoors. You can spend time bird watching, smelling the roses or the rosemary. If you happen to plan for a nearby herb garden, you could enjoy a water feature and enjoy time communing with nature. 

The benefit is you can do these things in a bit more comfort. Renaissance Patio Products provides roof coverings that will completely shade your outdoor room. Without a cover, typical concrete slabs act as heat magnets. By covering your patio with an insulated roof, you protect your patio from grabbing so much heat and can expect an outdoor room that feels 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the yard. 

Add a ceiling fan, and you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space for a lot more of the summertime. 

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