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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

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  1. Building a Window Replacement Toolkit
  2. Completing Your Measurements
  3. Insulating and Protecting Your Window from Damage
  4. Opal Enterprises Can Help You With a Window Replacement

The time’s come to replace the windows in your home. How do you know what windows to replace your current set with, though? How can you ensure that you don’t purchase windows that are too large or too small?

You need to measure your window sills and existing set of windows if you want your new installation to go smoothly. That said, finding the time to conduct the proper measurements can be difficult. If you’re trying to measure your windows while also exploring resealing options or energy-efficient alternatives, the process may be more difficult than it needs to be.

That is where the window replacement experts with Opal Enterprises can step in. You can turn to our team for support throughout the window measuring process to ensure that your math is as accurate as possible. Afterward, you can turn responsibility for your window installation over to our team.

Building a Window Replacement Toolkit

There’s a chance that you have all the tools you need to measure your windows at home. In case you don’t, though, it’s worth it to invest in a window replacement toolkit. A “window replacement toolkit” isn’t a kit you can purchase at the hardware store but rather a collection of tools you can use when working on different projects.

The essential equipment you need in a window replacement toolkit includes the following:

  • A measuring tape or yardstick
  • A step stool or ladder
  • Safety gear, if applicable
  • A spotter

Measuring tapes and yardsticks are both far more accurate in their measurements than an informal unit like your hand or arm may be. Instead of trying to translate “two arms’ lengths” into an actionable unit of measurement, we always recommend using feet and inches – or yards, if applicable – to describe the length, height, and width of your windows.

What’s more, we understand that not all of your windows may be accessible from inside your home. If you need to go outside to get your measurements, make sure you have a ladder, safety gear, and spotter on hand. The safer you are when conducting your measurements, the more straightforward the process of replacing your windows can be.

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Completing Your Measurements

You have all of the tools you need to measure your windows. Where do you start the measuring process? First and foremost, determine which windows in your home that you want to replace. From there, identify any flaws that might alter those windows’ measurements. For example, a damaged window may be too small for its frame.

After you’ve identified any important flaws, you can take two sets of measurements. Your first set should see you identify the length, width, and thickness of the window you want to replace. The second set of measurements should see you measure the window frame. Note that when you measure the frame, your measurements should stop at the frame’s interior edges.

You can compare these sets of measurements to determine what the most accurate measurement of your replacement window might look like. When in doubt, compare the measurements you took against those a professional window installer takes during a home assessment. If you measure twice, you only have to purchase new windows once.

Insulating and Protecting Your Window from Damage

When shopping for new windows, make sure to account for any flaws that you want to correct in your old units. For example, did your old windows regularly leak? If so, consider investing in energy-efficient fiberglass panes. These panes may be more expensive upfront, but they can save you a lot of money when the weather starts to turn.

Alternatively, did your previous windows shrink due to water damage? Make sure you invest in a strong, well-reviewed sealant or that you have a professional carefully insulate your seals. The more steps you take to protect your windows during the installation process, the longer your replacements will last.

Do note, though, that special seals may change the dimensions of your new windows. You can account for those possible changes by working with Opal Enterprises’ experienced installation team.

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Opal Enterprises Can Help You With a Window Replacement

Has the time come to replace the windows in your home? Don’t let leaky seals cost you money. Don’t let hardware store employees overestimate the cost of replacements, either! When in doubt, call on Opal Enterprises for help measuring out your windows for replacements. Our installers can step in and make this process as stress-free for you as possible.

You can work with our installers to measure your windows, purchase the ideal replacements, and ensure installation goes smoothly. Ready to learn more? Contact our team to schedule your initial case consultation. Once we inspect your windows, we can provide you with an accurate estimate detailing how much your upcoming window replacement may cost.