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How Much Does a Bay Window Cost to Install?



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  1. What Factors Affect the Cost of Installing a Bay Window?
  2. What Materials Are Available for Bay Windows?
  3. Is it Worth it to Get a Professional Installation?
  4. What Types of Warranties Do You Provide?
  5. Learn More About the Cost of Installing a Bay Window

When you start a new home project, you need to know the costs you’re dealing with. We can help you understand the costs and options for new bay windows. 

At Opal Enterprises, our Naperville bay window installation team strives to provide you with a wonderful remodeling experience. Read on to learn more about the cost of installing bay windows.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Installing a Bay Window?

Several factors influence the overall cost of installing a bay window at your home. These include:

  • Window size: Larger windows require more material and labor, so they will cost more than smaller ones. Additional construction, such as headers and supports, also adds to the expense.
  • Window material: As mentioned earlier, material choices have different price points. Higher-end materials tend to cost more than lower-end options.
  • Project location: Windows that are more difficult to access, such as on an upper floor or needing scaffolding, increase installation complexity and costs. The location also determines any potential freight or environmental charges.
  • Structural changes: Extensive framing adjustments, new headers, and supports, or significant wall demolition can increase installation time and costs.
  • Permits and code compliance: Most projects require building permits, which have associated fees. Inspections must pass building codes, which may require additional modifications.
  • Interior finishing: Factors like trim work, interior window seating, and custom built-ins will be priced separately from the basic installation.

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What Materials Are Available for Bay Windows?

At Opal Enterprises, we offer a variety of materials for your new windows. The materials you can choose from include:

Wood Windows

Wood windows provide a traditional, classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. The natural grain and tones of wood can add warmth and beauty to any home. However, wood requires more maintenance over time. 

You’ll need to sand and repaint or restain the exterior surface every few years to keep it protected from moisture and UV damage. Wood is also more prone to rotting or warping if not properly sealed. For low-maintenance buyers, wood may not be the best choice. But if you enjoy gardening and exterior upkeep, wood windows could be a perfect fit.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance, making it one of the most popular window materials. It won’t crack, peel, corrode, or rot like other options. With proper installation, these windows can last decades, and virtually no repairs are needed on your end. 

You’ll love not having to paint, stain, or seal vinyl windows all over the life of the product. Vinyl comes in a wide range of aesthetic colors, too, so finding one to complement your home’s design is easy. There’s a reason vinyl consistently remains a bestseller, it simply requires no fuss on your part once installed.

Fiberglass Windows

The composite construction of fiberglass combines the beauty of wood with the resilience of vinyl. Fiberglass maintains the rich, deep appearance of stained wood but won’t split, crack or corrode. You get the best of both worlds: low maintenance and high visual appeal. 

The surface is incredibly dense and won’t chip, peel or flake over time like some other options as well. Going with fiberglass windows means investing in a product that will retain its like-new look for decades. The material also has strong insulating properties to keep your home’s interior comfortable year-round.

Composite Windows

Modern composite window frames are made of recycled wood fibers combined with reinforcement polymers or resins. This makes composite a very eco-friendly building material choice. It has realistic wood-grain detailing without any of the drawbacks that come with real wood. 

Composites are twice as strong as vinyl yet light enough for easy installation. They also hold their color’s fade-resistant pigments better than vinyl over the years. These durable, low-maintenance windows provide the aesthetics of wood with a material that will stand up to all weather conditions. Composite is certainly an investment in your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Is it Worth it to Get a Professional Installation?

While it may be tempting to save money by installing your new bay window yourself, there are several reasons it’s generally best to hire a professional installer:

  • Safety: Bay window installation requires working at heights and handling heavy glass. Improper safety equipment or techniques could lead to dangerous falls or injuries. Professionals are trained and insured to do this type of work.
  • Code compliance: Windows need to meet all building codes for factors like structural integrity, waterproofing, and energy efficiency. Unless you have extensive carpentry and code knowledge, it’s risky to attempt this complex project without permits or inspections.
  • Warranty protection: Professional installation from a licensed contractor typically comes with warranties covering workmanship and materials. DIY work may not be backed by any warranty or recourse if issues arise.
  • Expert craftsmanship: Installing a window correctly takes years of hands-on experience that most homeowners simply don’t have. Professionals understand techniques like flashing, sealing, and installation that ensure long-term performance.
  • Time savings: When you consider the prep work, construction, and inspections, installing a window correctly is a full-time job. Leverage the pros so you don’t spend weeks on a project.

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What Types of Warranties Do You Provide?

When our team installs windows in your home, they are covered by our lifetime labor warranty. This warranty covers any problems you have with our Naperville team’s installation. This warranty is only valid for the person who purchases and gets the windows installed. 

If another company besides ours does maintenance on your bay windows after the installation, the warranty will be voided. Our team can answer any questions about your warranty.

Learn More About the Cost of Installing a Bay Window

Our team at Opal Enterprises is excited to install your new bay windows and give you a wonderful remodeling experience. Our Naperville window installation team can answer any question you have about the cost of installing your new windows. 

Contact us to learn more about the installation costs.