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6 Benefits of ProVia Windows

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#1: ProVia Windows Have High Energy-Efficiency Ratings #2: ProVia Windows Are Very Durable #3: ProVia Offers Many Customization Options #4: ProVia Windows Can Reduce Your Heat Load #5: ProVia Offers Aesthetically Pleasing Options #6: ProVia Windows Can Boost Your Security What are the Other Benefits of Working with ProVia? Learn More About the Benefits of ProVia Windows with Our Team

Our team at Opal Enterprises understands the importance of picking the right windows for your renovation project in Illinois. In many cases, property owners consider the options manufactured by ProVia. 

We can cover over six benefits of ProVia windows to help you determine if this brand represents the right choice for you. In addition, our team handles the installation of ProVia windows for commercial and residential customers in Illinois. 

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#1: ProVia Windows Have High Energy-Efficiency Ratings

Your windows can have a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home. ProVia proudly manufactures ENERGY STAR-certified windows with specialized glazing, frames, and sash design to minimize heat transfer in your property. 

In fact, two lines of ProVia windows, the Aspect and Aeris models, have earned a Most Efficient rating from ENERGY STAR, making them a solid choice if you want to save money on your monthly energy expenses. 

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#2: ProVia Windows Are Very Durable

Durability determines how long your windows last when facing the elements and temperature changes throughout the year. ProVia has a reputation for producing durable, rugged windows that can last decades. 

The company also manufactures hardware features that stand the test of time. For example, they use quality cranks and levers, extending the life of your windows. You can review the additional benefits of ProVia windows with our team. 

#3: ProVia Offers Many Customization Options

You have your own unique taste and style. ProVia helps you express that style through the appearance of your property by giving you many options for stains, colors, and finishes. You can even choose your own glass and grid designs. 

ProVia also manufactures many different types of windows, including: 

  • Architectural windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows 
  • Casement windows
  • Double-hung windows 
  • Garden windows 
  • Picture windows 
  • Slider windows 

ProVia has several window lines, each with specific benefits and costs, giving you further options to find the window that best fits your needs. 

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#4: ProVia Windows Can Reduce Your Heat Load

Some forms of window glass allow extra heat into your home. Generally, we see this issue when property owners have uncoated glass. These windows allow excess heat to enter your property, making it more difficult for your heating or cooling system to function correctly. 

ProVia addresses this issue by producing Low-E windows. You can count on the professionals to install these windows, reducing the heat load around your property. In addition, they take the strain off your heating and cooling units, generally lowering your energy expenses even further. 

These benefits of ProVia windows can help you save money over the long term. 

#5: ProVia Offers Aesthetically Pleasing Options

ProVia believes in offering you both form and function when it comes to your choices for commercial and residential windows. In particular, the company’s Aeris line allows you to mix the benefits of wood and vinyl windows. 

The Aeris line features wood interiors that can beautify your home. You can choose materials like cherry, oak, and maple for the interior portion of your window. The exterior of the window features vinyl, providing long-lasting protection against the elements. 

#6: ProVia Windows Can Boost Your Security

Many burglars check windows first when they consider trying to gain entry to a home. As a result, your windows can represent a vulnerability for your home, potentially putting you and your family at greater risk. 

Fortunately, ProVia focuses on safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal when handling their windows. They use extra-strength hardware throughout their product line, which can improve the level of protection for your home. 

The company uses quality cranks and levers that resist damage. You can learn more about this benefit of ProVia windows by contacting us. 

What are the Other Benefits of Working with ProVia?

We’ve discussed six benefits of ProVia windows. However, you can experience additional benefits when you purchase ProVia windows for your home or business. Some of these benefits come directly from the company. 

For example, ProVia offers: 

A Warranty for ProVia Windows

ProVia includes an impressive warranty for their windows. The company offers a lifetime guarantee for freedom from material defects as long as you remain in your home. ProVia provides different levels of protection to each window component, including the:

  • Window frame 
  • Interior stain and paint
  • Hardware, including locking and balance mechanisms 
  • Insulated glass
  • Internal blinds 
  • Screens

ProVia also covers glass breakage caused by a manufacturing defect. Additionally, your installation team may provide a lifetime labor warranty, further protecting your new investment. Keep these benefits of ProVia windows in mind when making your purchasing decision. 

Visualization Tools to Plan Your Renovation

Purchasing new windows for your property in Illinois represents a significant investment. ProVia recognizes the expenses associated with buying new windows and provides options that allow you to visualize your choices before you make a purchase. 

You can use the Visualizer desktop tool to assess the look of new windows in your home. You can also explore the company’s app, which lets you explore additional features and options for your design choices. 

Using these tools helps give you a better idea of what ProVia windows will look like once installed. You can also speak with window installation professionals to get specific information about the most useful windows for your property. 

Learn More About the Benefits of ProVia Windows with Our Team

You can explore the six benefits of ProVia windows with our team at Opal Enterprises. We go over all the advantages of choosing ProVia windows and can handle the installation process as an approved installation contractor for the company. 

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