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Are ProVia Windows Worth The Price?

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How Do ProVia Windows Rank in Illinois? What Features Make ProVia Windows Worth the Price? Can You Check Out ProVia Windows Before Making a Purchase? Does ProVia’s Warranty Add to the Value of the Windows? Do ProVia Windows Come with Additional Features? What Will It Cost to Install ProVia Windows in Illinois? Speak to Us About ProVia Windows and Illinois Installation Services

ProVia has a reputation for making durable, energy-efficient windows. However, the company’s windows also rank on the more expensive side of the spectrum, leaving some property owners to wonder, “Are ProVia windows worth the price?”

The answer depends on several factors and your specific goals for renovating your home or business in Illinois. Our team at Opal Enterprises can help you review the advantages of ProVia windows, allowing you to make a decision regarding your purchase.

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How Do ProVia Windows Rank in Illinois?

ProVia windows gave an excellent reputation amongst property owners and contractors. These windows come in many different styles, allowing you a range of options to select a model that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Selecting the right window can boost the curb appeal of your property and improve the appearance of the exterior of your home or business. ProVia manufactures slider, bay, bow, double-hung, and casement windows.

The company provides additional choices when you select windows, including internal grids. In addition, you may choose art glass, decorative glass, and privacy glass when making a purchase from ProVia.

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What Features Make ProVia Windows Worth the Price?

ProVia windows feature numerous unique features that justify its price point. Many property owners consider them worth the price due to their:

High Energy Efficiency

Many of the product lines offered by ProVia meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. For example, these windows use specialized glazing systems to reduce heat transfer from your home. They also have carefully designed sashes and frames to minimize energy loss.

ENERGY STAR has actually ranked the Aspect and Aeris lines created by ProVia as Most Efficient windows, making them an excellent choice for property owners in Illinois.

Custom Style Options

ProVia created several window lines, each with multiple customization options available. These lines allow you to choose features like:

  • Stains and finishes
  • Exterior and interior colors
  • Glass and grid designs

The high level of personalization allows you to get the specific look you want for your home or business without compromising your vision.

Increased Durability

We understand that aesthetics represent only one factor to consider when purchasing new windows in Illinois. ProVia has a reputation for producing durable and rugged windows that can last for many years. The company also uses high-quality hardware.

Security Features

ProVia understands the importance of protecting your property and offers security through its window options. In addition, they use extra-strength hardware that can help you feel more confident and secure in your home.

Can You Check Out ProVia Windows Before Making a Purchase?

Are ProVia windows worth the price? Many property owners feel that they’re more than worth the initial investment. However, we understand the benefits of seeing what you’ll get before you make a purchasing decision.

ProVia offers a desktop tool (called the ProVia Visualizer) that allows you to examine ProVia products from the comfort of your home. For example, this option allows you to see what your new windows will look like before you work with a contractor.

Our team at Opal Enterprises can also help you review the wide range of windows offered by ProVia. As an approved installation company, we work closely with the manufacturer and can answer your questions about these windows.

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Does ProVia’s Warranty Add to the Value of the Windows?

ProVia windows cost more than some other options on the market. However, in addition to their quality and energy efficiency, this price also includes ProVia’s warranty. The company’s limited lifetime warranty can cover many forms of damage to your windows.

When you work with our team at Opal Enterprises, we offer a warranty of our own. Our lifetime labor warranty covers the work we put in when installing ProVia windows in Illinois. Our warranty does not counteract or cancel out ProVia’s warranty.

Instead, you get dual protection on your purchase when you allow us to install your new commercial or residential windows.

Do ProVia Windows Come with Additional Features?

The additional features that come with the windows represent a factor that makes ProVia windows worth the price for many property owners. In addition, ProVia provides many options for glass, blinds, and screens, allowing you to further personalize your purchase.

Some ProVia windows come equipped with internal blinds. Their placement inside the window stops them from getting dusty, allowing you all the benefits of blinds without worrying about regular cleaning.

You can review these features in more detail with a member of our team.

What Will It Cost to Install ProVia Windows in Illinois?

The overall cost to install your ProVia windows varies based on the model you select and the number of windows you wish us to install. We’ll provide a fast quote when you contact us for installation services, and we don’t include hidden fees in our prices.

Once you have information about the cost of the job, we can discuss your options to finance the installation. We provide financing services for our clients, allowing you to budget out the job without worries about application fees or prepayment penalties.

We’re ready to meet with you to discuss whether ProVia windows represent the right choice for your renovation project.

Speak to Us About ProVia Windows and Illinois Installation Services

So, are ProVia windows worth the price? The answer to that question rests with each property owner. If you’re interested in a customizable window with high energy efficiency and durability, ProVia may have an option for you. We can discuss all their products when you contact us.

You can work with the professional team at Opal Enterprises when you call or fill out our online contact form.