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What Weather Will Impact My Siding Project From Being Installed?

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  1. Siding in the HZ5 Zone
  2. Installation Cannot Happen During These Conditions
  3. Can Installation Delays Happen? 
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When the time comes to install new siding, many homeowners are concerned the weather will prevent a project from happening. Opal Enterprise knows the extreme weather we face in Chicago and has experience working in various conditions. We can determine the best time for your siding project while considering the weather. 

Siding in the HZ5 Zone

When you need new siding, you must ensure it will withstand the weather conditions in the area. James Hardie siding, in particular, is molded to the weather conditions your area faces. Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs are in the HardieZone 5

The system must withstand freezing climates, snow, ice, and other extreme temperatures. This siding also features a drip edge for better moisture resistance. You will not have to worry about your siding standing up to harsh weather because it is made with weather elements in mind.  

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Installation Cannot Happen During These Conditions

Siding protects your home from moisture. When it rains, the siding will trap the moisture, leading to rot, bubbling, or warping. When it comes to cement, dust and water can form a splatter lock on the siding. 

All these issues are damaging to your siding installation and your home. Opal Enterprises cannot install siding in the rain since active rain conditions are the worst for siding installation and other remodeling projects. 

Extreme heat and wind are dangerous conditions to work under. While a contractor can install siding during heat and wind, it endangers contractors and makes it difficult to work. Heavy and wet snow can also impact your siding materials and the contractor’s ability to install the siding properly. 

Freezing temperatures are also challenging, and your siding project will likely be postponed. Siding is best installed in the fall months when the weather is ideal. However, you must speak with Opal Enterprise to find the solution for your home. 

Can Installation Delays Happen? 

The weather is constantly changing, and Chicago is no stranger to extreme heat or cold. While a homeowner may think conditions are not ideal for work and request to stop the project, only an experienced installer can decide. 

We understand that homeowners want to ensure their home is safe, but contractors know which weather conditions we can work under. You must trust your contractor. When homeowners stop projects due to weather, it causes their projects and others to be delayed. Let your remodeler tell you when it is time to stop a project. 

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How Does Opal Handle Weather? 

At Opal Enterprises, we pride ourselves on trust. We want homeowners to trust our experience and our materials in their homes. We build that trust by communicating, finding personalized solutions, and providing honest service. 

We also offer a five-year workmanship warranty for siding installations. When it comes to the weather, we try to plan projects around inclement weather that can put the safety of our technicians or your remodeling project in danger. 

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The siding installers at Opal Enterprises have experience working in all kinds of weather conditions and know when the time has come to halt a project. Contact us to get started on your siding project today.