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What Vinyl Siding Colors Are Popular in My Area?

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  1. Vinyl Siding Has Many Options
  2. Popular Siding Colors 
  3. Steps for Finding the Right Colors for Your Home
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Chicagoland homeowners have many styles and aesthetic preferences for their homes, but we have a few popular options. Downers Grove Township has a distinct look and feel to its homes and buildings. 

When replacing your siding, you want a color unique to your home that matches the town’s overall feel. Many Downers Grove homeowners will choose a color for their siding and then begin to second guess it. Opal Enterprises is asked this question frequently: “What color options are popular in the area?” 

Vinyl Siding Has Many Options

Vinyl siding has become the Chicagoland homeowner’s most popular siding option. It protects homes from the elements, which is very necessary for the ever-changing Chicago weather. 

Additionally, vinyl siding comes in different shapes, colors, styles, and brands. You can also add decorative finishes and accents to vinyl siding with ease. You genuinely get a blank slate when you choose vinyl. 

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Popular Siding Colors 

Many color options are available, and when you use Vinyl, you can create a custom color. The siding manufacturer will play a role in your color options, but Opal Enterprises can work to match the color you desire with the manufacturer, making the process smoother. 

The most popular siding colors currently in Downers Grove and the Chicagoland area are:

  • Harbor Gray
  • English Wedgewood
  • Scottish Thistle (Deep Collection)
  • Pebble Stone Clay (Deep Collection)

You can use the Ply Gem online design tools to find a home with the same look or upload a photo of your home. You can digitally see what your home will look like from the comfort of your computer. You can use this digital tool to narrow your options and visit an Opal showroom to see the colors in person. 

Steps for Finding the Right Colors for Your Home

Downers Grove homeowners often panic when looking at color options, but we have a few tips to help narrow down your color options.

Tip one is to let your house determine the style and color palette. Some homes have features that ask for specific color schemes. Depending on the style, one color may work better than another one. A craftsman home will ask for earthy colors, while a Tuscan home looks for warm tones. 

Next, you should choose the primary siding color. Many homes in Chicago have two floors, so you can get creative and choose different siding options for each floor. Step three is choosing the secondary siding color. Make sure that the primary and secondary colors complement each other. 

The last step in your siding journey is selecting the trim color. Mix, match, and work with an Opal expert to find what looks suitable for your home. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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When you are looking to replace your Downers Grove siding, work with Opal Enterprises. You will have access to our showroom, and our team can help guide you in choosing the right color and best material for your home. Downers Grove homeowners can visit one of our showrooms or contact us online to schedule an appointment with a team member.