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What Is Vertical Siding vs. Horizontal Siding?

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  1. You Have Options
  2. What Are Horizontal Siding Features?
  3. What Are Vertical Siding Features? 
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There comes a time while living in Glenview that you notice it is time to replace your siding. Homeowners often work on home improvement projects during the warmer months, especially something as big as a siding project. 

Siding is crucial to your home because it is the first line of defense against winter snow and hail. But do you know which style and type of siding you will choose? Vertical and horizontal siding styles are the most common. Learn more about them and how to choose which is right for you.

You Have Options

Homeowners assume there are not many options and will end up with the same style of siding the home currently has. That is not the case since there are many different siding options available. 

You must first decide whether you will go for horizontal or vertical siding. Each has pros and cons, and you need guidance on which is right for your home. Opal Enterprises are premier siding contractors, and we know the siding that works best for Glenview homes. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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What Are Horizontal Siding Features?

Traditional and prevalent in the area is horizontal siding. Most homes in Glenview have this type of siding, consisting of horizontal panels. Benefits include durability, ease of installation, and cost. Due to its popularity, most contractors are familiar with the installation process and can install it reasonably quickly. It also results in lower costs for your home remodeling project. 

One downside to horizontal siding is that it is prone to leaks. You must maintain the siding to ensure water doesn’t get into the home. However, siding manufacturers have upped the materials to add water resistance and deter mold and other water damage. 

Depending on the material and manufacturer, there will be different methods of maintenance and durability standards. Work with Opal Enterprises to find the best horizontal siding option for you. 

What Are Vertical Siding Features? 

Elegance is associated with vertical siding. Since the option is not as standard as horizontal, Glenview homes with vertical siding will stand out. Vertical siding has several benefits, and you need to work with a contractor with experience installing the siding. 

Since not every siding contractor in the area has experience in vertical siding installation, those who do will often raise the installation cost. The underlying installation material you choose will also affect the cost of your siding project. 

Unlike horizontal siding, vertical siding is not prone to water leakage and damage. Rainwater will slide off vertical siding, preventing it from getting into the home. Maintenance and cleaning are also more accessible. A downside is that you will have a longer installation process, especially if you do not work with a contractor who installs vertical siding regularly. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Opal Enterprises: a Premier Siding Contractor 

There are many pros and cons to vertical and horizontal siding. Your home’s siding tells the story of your home and your family. Many Glenview, IL, homeowners will base their decision on costs and aesthetics. If you want a traditional style, you will go for horizontal, while a rustic home favors vertical. 

You need to make many choices when selecting your siding, but an Opal Enterprises team member can help you find the option that works for you. Contact us online today or visit one of our showrooms to look at our siding options in person.