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What Is the Difference Between a Bay and a Bow Window?

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  1. The Beauty of Bay and Bow Windows
  2. The Differences Between Bow and Bay
  3. The Benefits
  4. What Is Best for Your Home?
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There are many styles of homes in Wheeling, IL. But not all Wheeling homeowners want to have a cookie-cutter home. Many homeowners look for new ways to upgrade their homes, often deciding to replace their windows.

Windows are one way you can change the aesthetics and the energy efficiency in your home. When selecting styles, homeowners often refer to bay and bow windows interchangeably. However, they have a few distinct differences. 

The Beauty of Bay and Bow Windows

One way to differentiate your home while staying classy is to install a gorgeous bay or bow window. Adding dimension and space will also change your home’s interior look and feel. Since these windows protrude out, there is space for plants and other decorative pieces. 

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The Differences Between Bow and Bay

A bay window will have three openings, while a bow window has four or five slots. The bay window has a picture window in the middle and two other panes on either side. Since a bow window has four or five windows, the layout is different. Each window is the same size and is put together in a curved design. Bow windows have a rounder look and feel. 

Bow windows are more expansive and allow more light into the room and home. You can place a bow window on the corner of a building. On the interior of your home, a bow window protrudes further out, offering additional floor and shelving space. These windows will cost more than single ones, but it is worth it in the long run. 

When you purchase an energy-efficient bay or bow window, you will see a return on investment within a few years on your energy bill alone. 

The Benefits

Whether you choose a bay or a bow window for your home, your home will look more prominent and brighter. You will also enjoy your home more because of the views and aesthetics you get from choosing these windows. These windows are a talking piece, and the rest of the room will revolve around the window. 

When you have an exceptional landscape in front of your home, these windows allow you to take in the landscape. During the holidays, your decor will be in the spotlight of the neighborhood. 

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What Is Best for Your Home?

While bay and bow windows look very similar, they offer different benefits. You need to decide the most suitable look and feel for your home. You will add a touch of glamor to your space when you install either window. 

You will also get more space in the room. Bay windows offer angular lines, which are more suitable for modern homes. Victorian homes look better with the aesthetic features of a bow window. Either style will change your home and can work with your home. 

Choosing the type of window you like is step one; you also need a contractor who knows how to install these windows properly. 

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