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What Is Insert Window Installation Versus Full Construction Installation?

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Windows place a barrier between you and the outside world. They shield you from the elements, and they must be in excellent working order. Finding the best option for your home is necessary to keep that tight barrier from the elements. 

Whether you upgrade your windows due to wear and tear or damage, finding the best installation method is essential. There are two ways a remodeler can install windows on your home: full-frame and insert-pocket. 

What Is a Full-Frame Installation? 

When you need brand new windows all around, a full-frame installation is the way to go. Full-frame window installations consist of removing the existing windows down to the studs. 

With this method, we are looking to expose a rough opening where we can install new windows with a clean, new opening. This method offers the best quality during installation. Opal Enterprises can adequately inspect the window frame and look for signs of water damage. We will also insulate and flash the opening. 

Full-frame is also the perfect installation method if you are looking for a bigger window or a different style. One downside many homeowners see with this process is the number of items we must remove, including the window, trim, and siding. 

Homeowners also feel the process takes longer, but that is subjective. With the right team, there is no delay in removing and installing windows using the full-frame installation. 

Our complete process for full-frame installation is as follows:

  • Removing the current window down to the rough opening
  • Check the sill plates for leveling and shim them if need be
  • Pan flashing
  • Back caulking of window that comes with a nailing flange
  • Use expanding foam for insulation
  • Tap the exterior flange
  • Install window tape
  • Add the interior casing
  • Finish the exterior

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Insert-Pocket Window Installations 

Another window installation method is insert-pocket. We will use the existing frame during this installation and not remove materials down to the stud. This installation process does not allow us to inspect for water damage or other potential hazards properly. 

Opal Enterprises can replace the old sash, covers, and hardware during the removal process and nothing else. A key benefit is that the installation is not as extensive as a full-frame install. 

The costs are usually lower depending on the materials and contractor you choose. The interior and exterior trim are also preserved, so you do not need to worry about replacing them with your new windows. One limitation is that an insert window install is best for windows that have sturdy frames and minimal or no damage. 

Our complete process for insert window installation is as follows:

  • Retain the existing window frame after removing the current window
  • Removal of the screen and exterior stop
  • Removal of the balance and jamb liner
  • We keep and reuse the header, sill, jambs, interior casings, and exterior brickmold
  • Insert the new window from the exterior of the house
  • Insulate with expanding foam
  • Finish the exterior

Opal Enterprises and Window Installation

The full-frame method is the best and most effective way to install new windows. Opal Enterprises will suggest a full-frame installation the majority of the time. 

Our window quotes are based on full construction installs. If we find that the frames are incredibly healthy upon an inspection of your windows, an insert-pocket window installation may be an option. 

We will first weigh out the pros and cons of your project before agreeing to an insert window installation. 

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Opal Enterprises prides itself on honest and exceptional work. Our goal is to ensure your home is safe and we complete the project with the highest workmanship. If we do not think an insert window is a suitable option for you, we will not move forward with it. 

Contact Opal Enterprises today to find out if an insert window installation or full construction installation is ideal for your project.