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What Are the Crew Work Hours for a Siding Project?



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  1. Materials and Project Length 
  2. Factors That Go Into the Schedule
  3. Opal Enterprises Schedule 

When homeowners begin a remodeling project, they have many concerns. One of the concerns we most often get is what the working hours will be for a siding project. Most homeowners do not want to be bombarded with noise outside their homes when trying to relax after a long day. 

Opal Enterprises offers Naperville homeowners a flexible working schedule. Many of our projects will begin at 9:00 AM and end around 5:00 or 6:00 PM. Opal has flexible options, but we also put our installers’ personal lives and safety at the forefront of our schedules. 

Materials and Project Length 

While a project manager will visit the various sites throughout the day, they are not at one jobsite all the time. There is, however, a team leader who can answer any immediate concerns you have while the crew is on the site. 

The Opal crew leader is there every day and has hands-on knowledge of the status of your project. They can also help you navigate any scheduling issues. 

Many homeowners are concerned about how materials will be stored and get to the property. It will all depend on your project. Many materials are delivered to the home days before the project begins. When a crew stops to gather materials, they will likely not be at the job site until after 9:00 AM. 

In addition, we will need to bring a dumpster to dispose of old materials properly, and on Naperville siding projects over two days, we will also need a porta-potty. Nearly all siding projects in Naperville will go between eight and 15 days. It is best to prepare mentally to have crews around your home for at least two weeks. 

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Factors That Go Into the Schedule

Several factors will determine how long a crew will stay on the job site each day and when they will arrive. Arriving at a job site in Naperville can be challenging when you factor in Chicagoland traffic. You must also consider that the crew must stop for materials some days. 

While we strive to begin projects around 9:00 AM., do not fret if your team gets there later. Exterior projects are a bit easier to access since we do not need to enter the home. When the weather in the area becomes too dangerous for our crews, they will stop all work. To avoid exhaustion, crew leaders can also adjust crew members’ schedules. 

Opal Enterprises values family, and we know our crews have families to get home to. We try not to keep workers on job sites too late so that they can spend time with their families and loved ones. Our crews will work as late as possible within reason. You may see that one day, the crew leaves later than others due to various circumstances.  

Opal Enterprises Schedule 

We strive to get projects started on time and use up all the daylight possible. However, we also keep our crew members’ safety in mind. 

If you have special scheduling needs, let your project manager know. There are times when homeowners cannot have workers on-site during a specific time due to zoning or personal concerns. 

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