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Evanston Storm Door Installation

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  1. The Purpose of a Storm Door
  2. Benefits of Having a Storm Door Installed on Your Home
  3. Installing a Storm Door in Evanston
  4. Our Storm Door Installation Process

Storm doors are a great way to protect your home from the elements. They provide added security against intruders, as well as keeping out pests and debris. Storm doors are made from tough materials like metal and vinyl, so they can withstand the rigors of daily use. Installing a storm door is a simple process that just takes a little time and patience.

Although the process is straightforward, it can be time-consuming and requires some carpentry skills. If you’re not comfortable with this type of project, it may be best to hire a professional door installer from Opal Enterprises.

The Purpose of a Storm Door

A storm door is an outer door that provides protection from wind, rain, and snow. It can be installed on its own or in conjunction with an existing entry door. Many people choose to install storm doors because they offer better insulation than standard entry doors.

This means less energy is wasted when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Storm doors also help protect the main entry door from weather conditions like wind-driven rain or sleet during winter months by acting as a barrier between the inside of your home and outside elements.

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Benefits of Having a Storm Door Installed on Your Home

Storm doors are a great way to protect your home from harsh weather. If you have an existing storm door and it’s in good condition, you can easily change out the hardware. This will give your door a fresh look and make it easier for people to open and close.

Here are some of the most common benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Storm doors help prevent heat loss in winter and summer by reducing airflow through open doors. In the winter, this means less heat escaping through the cracks around the door, while during summer months it means keeping cool air from escaping into your home when you leave an open door.

If you have an older home that doesn’t have any insulation in the walls or windows, this will help reduce your energy costs significantly making your home more energy efficient. The reason this works is because it keeps the heat from escaping through the door cracks.


Storm doors often come with locks and deadbolts for added security at night or when no one will be home for several days at a time like on vacation or business trips. This gives homeowners peace of mind when they leave their homes unattended for long periods of time.


Storm doors are also great for preventing accidents from happening due to children or pets running through the door and causing it to slam shut on them. In addition, they help prevent small children from opening windows or doors that are unsafe for them to be around.

This is especially important for parents with young children who are just learning to walk or crawl. They can’t reach the door handles yet, but they can still easily push open a screen door and get into danger!

Installing a Storm Door in Evanston

Storm door installation in Evanston can be a breeze, but it’s important to know what you’re doing so that your door doesn’t end up looking like a mess. Storm door installation is a job that requires some skill and experience.

You need to be careful while installing the door as it will be exposed to weather elements and can be damaged if not installed properly. To make sure that your storm door installation is successful, follow these tips.

Choose the Right Door Type

The first step in installing a storm door is choosing the right type of door for your home. This means knowing what kind of weather conditions you’ll be facing and what kind of protection you’ll need from those conditions.

For example, if you live in a humid climate or have frequent rainstorms, then a solid wood door with no glass will work best. If you live in an area where snowfall is common, then installing double-paned glass would be ideal because it will help keep warm air inside while also keeping cold air out.

Consider Leak-Proofing Material

Leak-proofing material can help keep water out of your home during rainstorms and strong winds. It also helps keep bugs out when they’re trying to find shelter during the hot summer months.

When deciding whether to add leak-proofing material, consider how much damage can leak-proofing material help keep water out of your home during rainstorms and strong winds.

Some homes may only need the basic wood door with no glass for privacy purposes, but others may need more protection from Mother Nature’s wrath. The type of material that you use to improve your home’s protection from the water will depend on how much protection you need.

Do Your Research

Before you start installing your new storm door, it’s important to do some research on the product you’re installing. You’ll want to look at the instructions and make sure that they match up with the product you have purchased.

It’s also helpful to visit forums or blogs where people have posted reviews of their experiences with this type of door. You’ll find out if there are any issues with the product that you might run into later down the road.

Prepare The Area

Before installing a storm door, it’s important to prepare the area where it will be installed. This includes removing all debris from around the area where you plan on installing your storm door.

Make sure that there aren’t any nails or screws in this area either because they could cause damage when drilling holes for mounting brackets and such.

There should be nothing within an inch or two around where you plan on installing your storm door frame because this could prevent it from opening properly once installed in place permanently. Once you’ve made sure that the area is prepared, it’s time to install your storm door.

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Our Storm Door Installation Process

Our professional glass experts will work with you to determine which storm door is right for your home. Once we have determined which storm door is best for your needs, we will install it quickly and efficiently. Our team of door installers will ensure that all of our installations are done correctly so that they last as long as possible!

We offer professional installation for our storm doors. We will remove your old storm door, install your new storm door and provide an installation warranty for all work performed by us.

If you want a new look for your home, contact us today so we can schedule an appointment to meet with you at your convenience and show you some options that could work for you.