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Sliding Doors Installation

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  1. Is It Hard to Install a Sliding Glass Door?
  2. Why Install a Sliding Door in Your Home?
  3. How do You Choose the Right Sliding Door for Your Home?
  4. What Happens During Sliding Door Installation in Illinois?
  5. How Much does It Cost to Put in a New Sliding Door?
  6. How Long does Sliding Door Installation Take in Illinois?
  7. Schedule Your Sliding Door Installation Today

Sliding doors provide a lovely point of entry for homes throughout Illinois. You can improve your home’s curb appeal and property value by installing a new door with the help of our highly trained team of professionals.

Our crew at Opal Enterprises has years of experience handling sliding doors installation in Illinois. We can review your home renovation goals now and provide you with a quote for the cost of installing new sliding doors.

Find out more about the installation process today by calling or completing our online contact form.

Is It Hard to Install a Sliding Glass Door?

The difficulty associated with installing a sliding door varies based on several factors. For example, the process is relatively simple if we’re replacing a preexisting door. However, if you want a new door put in, it can become more complicated.

Even when replacing an old door, the installation team needs to weatherproof the opening and remove any damaged parts of the old frame. Fortunately, our team has the experience and equipment to handle new installations and replacement services.

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Why Install a Sliding Door in Your Home?

Sliding doors provide multiple benefits for property owners in Illinois. These doors pull open to the side and generally contain two large panes of glass. Due to their design, they:

  • Allow a lot of light into your home
  • Increase ventilation if you keep them open
  • Provide safety and security

In addition to these benefits, sliding doors can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Higher energy efficiency can save you money on your monthly expenses, helping your sliding doors pay for themselves over time.

We install sliding doors with Low-E glass to boost their energy efficiency. Find out more about how these doors can hello you maintain even temperatures throughout your home, reducing the strain on your heating and cooling system.

How do You Choose the Right Sliding Door for Your Home?

When you hire us for sliding doors installation, we’ll help you identify the door model that best fits your needs. We understand that the sheer number of options can feel overwhelming at first, so we’ll discuss your choices regarding the following:

  • Frame style and material
  • Styles
  • Finishes
  • Features like hardware, locks, and built-in blinds

We also review options at different prices, helping you find a sliding door that fits your budget and taste. After we find the door that works for you, we’ll provide you with a fast quote, allowing you to move forward with the installation.

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What Happens During Sliding Door Installation in Illinois?

We begin sliding door installation by meeting with you to discuss your goals. We take pride in maintaining open communication with our clients, helping you have a great renovation experience by answering your questions and taking your concerns seriously.

After we understand your goals, we will provide you with a quote. If you accept the proposal, we will order your doors and:

Prepare Your Home for Installation

We understand that sliding doors installation may require us to remove your old door. We handle the removal and disposal of older doors, helping you avoid the stress of getting rid of the old model.

We also assess the opening for the door and make any necessary changes to fit your new door.

Install the New Sliding Door

Once we have the opening prepared for your door, we’ll put the new sliding door in place. We work quickly but never cut corners. Our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians have the tools to ensure the door fits on the tracks correctly.

We focus on level installation when handling sliding doors to prevent problems with sticking over time.

Clean-Up After Installation

We also handle all clean-up after sliding door installation in Illinois. We’ll remove any mess caused throughout the installation, returning your home to the condition it was in when we arrived to handle the job.

Perform a Final Walkthrough

Finally, our team handles a final walkthrough after installing your sliding doors. After that, we’ll answer any questions about the door and provide information about our lifetime labor warranty. If you notice any issues with your new door, you can reach out to us immediately for assistance.

How Much does It Cost to Put in a New Sliding Door?

We assess your remodeling needs and the kind of sliding door you want before providing a quote for costs. The brand you select, the size of your door, and the material for the frame can all impact the final cost of installation.

We work with you to make paying for your sliding doors installation easier by providing financial options for clients in your situation. We offer access to long-term plans with no prepayment penalties, application fees, or closing costs.

We don’t require home equity for financing and provide fast decisions once you sign up.

How Long does Sliding Door Installation Take in Illinois?

We work quickly to complete the sliding door installation process but refuse to cut corners. Generally, installing a single sliding door takes around a day, including the time for cleanup. However, the time can vary depending on the size of your door and other factors.

We’ll work around your schedule to make the installation process as stress-free as possible. We can also arrange to install multiple doors in your home, increasing the time to finish the total job.

Schedule Your Sliding Door Installation Today

Are you ready to schedule sliding doors installation in Illinois? Reach out to our team at Opal Enterprises and get professional help from a team with the experience and equipment to handle the job the right way.

We’ll work around your schedule and help you pick a sliding door that meets your budget and fits your taste. Learn more by calling us or completing our online contact form.