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Customizing Your Perfect Sliding Door Look for These Signs to Know if You Need a New Sliding Door Installation Our Energy Efficient Sliding Doors Benefit Your Northbrook Home Choose Opal Enterprises for Your Sliding Door Installation in Northbrook, IL

Imagine you’re in a hurry to get into your home through your sliding door to get out of the rain, but you can’t. It’s sticking and takes a lot of effort to open. And by the time you open it, you’re already soaked. You shouldn’t have to deal with a sticky sliding door that causes inconveniences, whatever they may be.

Our remodeling team at Opal Enterprises can help you avoid future issues with your sliding door by installing a new one. Our sliding door installations in Northbrook, IL, are efficient and can give your home a new look with better security and energy efficiency.

Customizing Your Perfect Sliding Door

When you choose us as your sliding door installation team, you can customize your new sliding door however you want. We pride ourselves on giving you the freedom to customize a variety of features on your door. When you work with us, you can choose features of your door like:

  • Brand: We only install sliding doors of the highest quality, and there are many brands you can choose from. Our partnerships with Andersen Windows & Doors and ProVia give us access to a wealth of sliding doors of different styles and sizes.
  • Color and finish: The color and finish of a door are one of the most important parts of a new sliding door installation. You can browse our library of colors and finishes until you find one that speaks to you. Whether it be a bright red or one of the many natural earth tones, we have it.
  • Frame material: You can choose from frame materials such as fiberglass, wood clad, and vinyl. Each material supports different needs of your home, but they all can help beautify your home.
  • Additional features: Along with all the customization options we offer, you can also add hardware to your sliding door. You can add built-in blinds, in-glass grills, and durable sliding door locks.

After learning about all the customization options we offer, we hope you’re as excited as we are to start your sliding door installation in Northbrook. Our team can give you more information about our customization options when you schedule your free consultation.

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Look for These Signs to Know if You Need a New Sliding Door Installation

If you are debating whether you should get a new sliding door, you need to know the signs of a door that needs a replacement. Some signs are obvious, while others you may brush off as part of the experience of having a sliding door.

Here are some signs that tell you it’s time for a new sliding door installation:


If you start finding little puddles by your sliding door or see beads of water in the glass of your sliding doors, you should get a new sliding door. The water inside and around your door indicates that your door’s seal isn’t as effective as it should be. Excess moisture can lead to mold growth that can further hurt your door’s integrity as well as impact your health.


When you find it difficult to slide open your door, and you have to use extra force to do so, it’s most likely time to get schedule a sliding door installation. Sliding doors usually stick because of warping and overall wear and tear, making it difficult to move along the track smoothly.


When you notice that your HVAC bill is increasing and that your home struggles to hold the right temperature, it’s possible that you have a draft coming into your home.

Sliding doors are supposed to keep the heat and cold out. But when their sealing breaks down, it can be a different story. To test your sliding door for drafts, hold your hand in front of the door at the bottom, edges, and top.

If you have any of these problems, it can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. But a simple fix to these problems is a new sliding door installation. Our team of door installers in Northbrook understands how frustrating these issues can be, and we’re ready to help you be comfortable in your home again.

Our Energy Efficient Sliding Doors Benefit Your Northbrook Home

Sliding door installations are the way to fix existing problems, but they can also help prevent future problems before they occur. And that way is through being energy efficient. All our sliding doors are energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about if they’re Energy Star certified.

There are so many benefits to choosing energy-efficient designs for your home. The most common is that you can save money without even thinking about it. The glass on our sliding doors is low-E glass which prevents heat from entering your home, so you don’t have to have the AC on all the time when it’s hot.

By choosing an energy-efficient sliding door, you’ll be saving energy that will ultimately benefit the planet as well. So, if you’re looking for a way to get a beautiful sliding door that is also environmentally conscious, we’re here to help.

Our sliding door installation team has the necessary tools and qualities to install a beautiful, energy-efficient sliding door in your Northbrook home.

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Choose Opal Enterprises for Your Sliding Door Installation in Northbrook, IL

If you’re tired of yanking your sliding door open every time you want to go onto your patio, our sliding door installation team in Northbrook, IL, can help you. We’ll install your customized sliding door fast with top-of-the-line products that last for years.

At Opal Enterprises, we value your time and your happiness with your home. Call us today or fill out the contact form on your website to start your free consultation today.