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Wood or Fiberglass Front Door? Only You Can Decide!

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  1. Are Wood Doors Right for Your Home?
  2. Is Fiberglass a Better Choice?
  3. Decorative Concepts Can Impact Your Choice

There are so many beautiful front entry doors on the market today that it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to just one, particularly if you’re considering any of the many wood doors or fiberglass versions out there. The array of styles available is nearly endless, with French provincial, colonial, mid-century modern, rustic and host of other decorative options available. To make the decision a bit easier, it helps to look at the pros and cons of the materials first, then look at the styles available in that material.

wood-or-fiberglass-entry-doorsAre Wood Doors Right for Your Home?

Nothing can replace the beauty of genuine wood. It has a rich grain, takes paint and stain well and gives a house a sense of history. Many people prefer wood because it’s warm to the touch and has a rich look that’s unmatched by other materials. It’s also relatively easy to sand out minor dings and scratches and touch up the finish. They do have a few limitations, however, that you should keep in mind before buying. If you don’t like a lot of upkeep, remember that the wood will have to periodically be stripped and repainted or stained to maintain its good looks. Also keep in mind that wood doors are made from a natural material that could fade, warp or crack over time. It can absorb moisture if not maintained properly.

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Is Fiberglass a Better Choice?

Many homeowners swear by fiberglass for their front entry doors. These are more recent entries into the home improvement market, but they have quickly become popular with many homeowners because of their many positive qualities. There is a wide range of quality, however, so be willing to spend a bit of extra money to get top quality materials. A well-made fiberglass door will resist fading or warping and can be manufactured with the look and feel of real wood grain or a smooth finish depending on your preference. They are excellent insulators, hold color for years and are very energy efficient. If you have concerns about your fuel bills or dislike the cold spots often found near front entry doors, fiberglass is an excellent solution. In fact, fiberglass can insulate five times better than wood. The strength and durability of fiberglass can’t be matched by other materials. It is very difficult to chip, crack or dent, although some fiberglass doors made of cheaper materials may develop cracks over time.

Decorative Concepts Can Impact Your Choice

While there are obvious, practical pros and cons to any material used in front entry doors, you also need to consider their aesthetics. Wood is far easier to manipulate than other materials, so it lends itself to decorative carving, unusual shapes, and the insertion of decorative glass panels. 

While you can find fiberglass doors with these features, they will be considerably more expensive than their wood counterparts due to the difficulty of working with the materials. Opal windows and doors come in a wide range of designs to meet homeowners’ needs. Contact our experts for assistance in finding the perfect new wood windows, or fiberglass windows and doors for your home.