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Did winter do a number on your siding? Why you want Fiber Cement Siding!

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What's special about fiber cement siding?


Winter is tough on houses; freezing and thawing, wind, ice… Siding is one of those areas that often takes a beating. Fiber cement siding is a material that is highly durable and looks great for much longer than other types of siding. It’s made of a unique blend of cement and wood pulp to create a natural composite with amazing endurance.


What’s special about fiber cement siding?

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Won’t rot

Fiber cement siding is resistant to moisture and won’t rot like wood siding can. It also resists mold and mildew buildup which is common on many types of siding. This keeps it looking fresh and protecting your home with very little maintenance.

Doesn’t crack in the cold

Fiber cement siding doesn’t become brittle in frigid temperatures like vinyl siding does. Because it resists moisture, it won’t crack from freezing and thawing.

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Insusceptible to termites & pests

Termites will not eat fiber cement siding. Due to the board strength it’s also resistant to pests like wood peckers and other critters.

Withstands impacts & wind

With proper installation, fiber cement siding can withstand winds up to 130 mph! It’s also resistant to damage from hail and debris. Bring on the wind!

Fire resistant

This is a truly amazing feature of fiber cement. Check out this fire test video to see for yourself just how fire resistant fiber cement is…