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  1. Exposure to UV Rays Ruins Furniture
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Sunlight, no doubt, has a profound effect on furniture. If you are a homeowner—especially a new one—you might not think much about the impact of the sun rays shining through your clear glass window panes. Only when you notice your furniture fading will you start to consider it. Opal Exteriors can help you find the right protective windows for your Elmwood Park home.

Exposure to UV Rays Ruins Furniture

Over time, wood and fabrics fade from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Meanwhile, leather couches may begin to crack or stiffen. The average homeowner may welcome the warmth and abundance of natural light in the room but still want to keep their furniture safe from said light.

Here is when blinds, curtains, and heavy-duty drapes can effectively work to block UV rays while also allowing for the flow of natural light. Homeowners also can move leather couches and chairs away from the windows or constantly apply protectants like condition or furniture varnish. Still, after a while, it becomes tedious. 

A more accessible alternative involves adding window film and tints. Window tinting is a significant investment to benefit a home. It is an effective and cost-friendly way to create a comfortable living environment and, at the same time, protect the furniture inside the house. 

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Effective Solutions

Homeowners can maintain bright and cheerful living spaces. High-quality window tint is effective in preventing premature fading of furniture. A film can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV and infrared rays. Other newer versions of window film are optically transparent, allowing for natural light in the home. 

The cost of adding tint to your windows is moderate. You will most likely want tinting on the windows where sunlight can most impact the furniture. Areas like the living room or sitting room usually experience the most sunlight. 

Never underestimate the power of hanging curtains, adding window film, considering solar shades, or investing in new windows. If your biggest concern is protecting your furniture at all costs, these options can help.

Let’s face it: the sun can damage furniture. You can, however, take active steps to prevent such from happening. Stay proactive by researching your options and finding the best solution for you personally and financially. When you take the necessary steps to shield your furniture from damaging sunlight, you will reap the rewards too.

Talk to the Professionals at Opal Exteriors

It would help if you considered bringing in the experts at Opal Exteriors for the best results. Our team will estimate and do the window tinting for optimal results. Installers have experience in determining what level of sun protection you need. 

Opal Exteriors in Elmwood Park offers reasonable prices to ensure that the furniture in your home does not fade during an accumulation of years worth of sunlight. Opal Exteriors provides professional wood windows installation and residential window tinting that provides ample protection while creating a welcoming atmosphere for your home. 

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