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The windows in your home are what tie together your aesthetic and provide you with natural light. Choosing window grids or forgoing them can be a tough decision, but we’re here to help.

Our Chicago replacement window professionals understand how overwhelming it can be to choose new windows for your home. That’s why we’ve taken the time to explain the different types of window grids you can choose from when you work with our exterior remodeling team.

Window Grid Versus No Grid

Both gridless and grid windows have their advantages depending on the needs and tastes of homeowners. Gridless options provide an unobstructed view with no dividers between panes of glass. This maximizes visibility and allows for larger panes of glass that let in more natural light.

They offer a cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic free of predefined grid placements and are easier to keep clean with a wider continuous surface rather than separate panes.

On the other hand, grids create a traditional, historical appearance popular for period homes by mimicking the look of individual panes of glass even when constructed as one unit. Divided lights help break up large expanses of glass and provide visual balance in fenestration. Grid patterns can be chosen to complement the architectural style of the home, and divisions between panes hide minor imperfections or condensation better.

What Is the Purpose of Grille Patterns in Modern Windows?

Grille patterns today serve to help build up a certain aesthetic rather than holding multi-paned windows together like in the past. Removable grids offer more versatility because you can change the look without the fuss. Gridless windows are often associated with modern trends because they have a minimalistic look.

Consider size and type when choosing grids or going gridless. Color-matching grids are also essential, and you should stay consistent with your chosen pattern and style.

Both styles have energy-efficient options. Gridless excels for scenic views, while grids provide aesthetics. The right choice depends on priorities, whether it be view maximization or traditional curb appeal.

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Grille Types You Can Choose From

There are several grille types available for all pattern options. Work with your local replacement professional to determine the best grid types for you:

  • Full divided light: These grilles are permanently on the interior or exterior of the window and feature an aluminum spacer that sits between the glass. The additional spacer transfers heat and cold to improve thermal performance. Depending on the manufacturer, you can opt for an energy spacer.
  • Simulated divided light: The grilles are permanently attached to the window’s exterior. You can choose wood interior grilles that are permanent or removable. There are no spacers here.
  • Removable interior grille: As the name suggests, these are removable grids that stay on with a fastener or grille clip. You can remove them to clean the glass thoroughly from time to time.
  • Finelight™ grilles between the glass: These grilles are between the glass, so you do not need to clean around them. You can easily clean the interior or exterior of the window.
  • Finelight™ between the glass and exterior grilles: You will have permanent interior window grids. Cleaning the interior is simple, and the exterior gets additional architectural style.

While there are many grille options, remember they do not work with every window, and you should discuss your needs with Opal to ensure we can combine your window options and grids. Grids come in different widths, and manufacturers have various options for the series of windows they offer.

Choosing the Right Window Grid for Your Home

The type of grid you choose can drastically change the overall look and feel of your home’s windows. It’s important to select a grid design that enhances the style of each unique window. Our Wilmette window installation professionals put together this mini-guide to give you ideas of which grids match your window type:

  • Picture windows: A clean, gridless look typically works best for a spacious style meant for showcasing expansive views.
  • Double-hung windows: Traditional horizontal grill patterns complement the up-and-down motion of double-hung windows. Consider Prairie-style grids for a Period detail.
  • Casement windows: Consider no grids or thinner vertical grids for casement styles, letting the window’s shape be the focus. Diagonal grids also work well.
  • Single windows: Solitary styles above sinks or in bathrooms look elegant with no grids or with a simple crossbar grill.
  • Bay windows: Larger bay options are ideal surfaces for creative multi-dimensional grids that add visual depth and interest to the shape.
  • Bow windows: Curved bow styles tend to look best highlighted by carefully proportioned sculpted grids that follow the gradual curves.

The goal is to choose grids that enhance individual window designs while tying into your home’s overall architectural theme. Consult with us to discuss the best options.

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Why Should You Choose Opal Enterprises for Your Window Installation?

Many homeowners are hesitant about renovation projects due to negative experiences with unresponsive or unprofessional contractors. At Opal Enterprises, we’ve built our business on an entirely different approach.

We know that communication is essential, from the initial estimate through project completion, so we ensure constant communication so you always know what to expect. Our quick estimates get you answers faster than those of other companies in the industry.

Exceptional customer service is a top priority from start to finish. We want you to celebrate your installation, not stress over the process.

When you choose our Wilmette team, you choose a remodeling partner focused on building trust through outstanding communication and care. We also work with notable brands like Andersen Windows and Doors that can help you customize your new windows.

Contact Us for Help Choosing Your Window Grids

If you feel overwhelmed with the decisions you need to make for your Wilmette home, do not worry because Opal Enterprises is here for you. Contact us by phone or online to schedule a consultation, or visit our Des Plaines showroom to view the various window grid options available.