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Window Grid Pattern Options

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Window Grid Versus No Grid Grille Types  Opal Enterprises Has the Solutions for You

A lot goes into choosing the perfect window for your Wilmette home. One option you need to address is window grid patterns. The most common are colonial, specified equal light, diamond, tall fractional, and short fractional. 

Additional patterns include Queen Anne, modified colonial, and victorian. You must combine function and aesthetics to get the perfect window for your home. 

Window Grid Versus No Grid

Windows have changed over the years. And while window grids used to have the purpose of holding multi-paned windows together, they serve a different purpose today. You no longer need grilles to keep windows together; instead, they are purely decorative. 

Now, window grille patterns serve to help build up a certain aesthetic. Removable window grids offer more versatility because you can change the look without the fuss. Gridless windows are often associated with modern trends because they have a minimalistic look. 

Consider these factors when considering if you should or should not opt for window grids. Remember, you do not need to have grids on every window of your home, but you should stay consistent with your chosen pattern and style. 

You must also consider the size and type of window you’re looking to install. Color matching is also essential because grids can offer accent colors.

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Grille Types 

There are several grille types available for all pattern options. Work with your local window contractor to determine the best window grid types for you. 

  • Full divided light: These window grilles are permanently on the interior or exterior of the window and feature an aluminum spacer that sits between the glass. The additional spacer transfers heat and cold to improve thermal performance. Depending on the manufacturer, you can opt for an energy spacer
  • Simulated divided light: The grilles are permanently attached to the window’s exterior. You can choose wood interior grilles that are permanent or removable. There are no spacers here. 
  • Removable interior grille: As the name suggests, these are removable grids that stay on your window with a fastener or grille clip. You can remove them to clean the glass thoroughly from time to time.  
  • Finelight™ grilles between the glass: These grilles are between the glass, so you do not need to clean around them. You can easily clean the interior or exterior of the window. 
  • Finelight™ between the glass and exterior grilles: You will have permanent interior window grids. Cleaning the interior is simple, and the exterior gets additional architectural style.  

While there are many grille options, remember they do not work with every window, and you must discuss your needs with Opal to ensure we can combine your window options and window grids. Window grids come in different widths, and manufacturers have various options for the series of windows they offer.  

Opal Enterprises Has the Solutions for You

If you feel overwhelmed with the decisions you need to make for your Wilmette home, do not worry because Opal Enterprises is here for you. Contact us by phone or online to schedule a consultation, or visit our Des Plaines showroom to view the various window grid options available.