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Why Replacing Only One Wall of Siding Isn’t Advised

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  1. Your Home Is Mismatched
  2. Everything in Your Home Ages
  3. Wear and Tear
  4. Materials Change
  5. No Warranty Options
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Replacing your siding is a big decision. To save money, many homeowners wonder if they can replace one section or if they must replace the siding around the entire home. It is not advisable to replace only one area for many reasons. 

You can compare replacing one wall of siding to replacing one tire. When you replace one tire, the other tires are soon to follow, impacting how you drive. Your Palos Heights home works similarly.

Your Home Is Mismatched

Aesthetics are important but are not the only reason to replace all your siding. When you replace one section of siding, the rest of the home is mismatched. The siding on the section you replace is a different material, size, color, or texture, and your home loses curb appeal. 

Even if you find something similar and can color match, the new siding section will stand out from the old. Your home looks cheap and can be seen as an eyesore. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Everything in Your Home Ages

When the siding on your Palos Heights home was initially installed, it was done so by the same manufacturer using the same materials. The house has faced the same weather and wear and tear for the same number of years. 

Installing one section of siding is only avoiding the inevitable. Everything in your home ages, and replacing the same materials at once is best. 

Wear and Tear

Palos Heights can suffer from extreme weather conditions, and that can prompt you to replace your siding. Damage can happen to a singular panel from flying debris in a storm or other objects. 

When that is the case, repairing or replacing that singular panel is an option. However, you must have an experienced contractor because replacing one panel can damage other sections of the siding and therefore lead to you replacing the entire exterior. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Materials Change

If you plan on changing your siding in sections, it is crucial to remember that installers change materials and color offerings annually. So the color and materials you use today won’t be available next year. 

That leaves Palos Heights homeowners with some difficult decisions. You might have to find slightly off materials or colors or be left to change the entire siding. 

No Warranty Options

Contractors and installers offer various warranties for the projects they complete. These warranties are essential to your home, and homeowners rely on these warranties if something goes wrong. 

However, when you have mismatched siding by replacing one section, your warranty is void, and you cannot get new warranties. You have mismatched the home’s envelope and cannot get any help when something goes wrong.

Opal Enterprises: Your Siding Installers

If you are a Palos Heights homeowner with some siding issues, you must find expert siding contractors to help you. Opal has decades of experience helping homeowners in the area, and we offer special pricing and financing options. 

Siding replacement is a significant project, and you should work with a company you trust. Visit the Opal Enterprises Naperville showroom to see the options available for your Palos Heights siding project.