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Why Is My Vinyl Siding So Noisy?

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  1. Is It Normal for Vinyl Siding to Make Noise?
  2. How do You Fix Noisy Siding?
  3. Does Older Siding Make More Noise?
  4. Should You Replace Noisy Siding?
  5. What does Siding Replacement Cost?
  6. Speak to Us About Issues with Noisy Vinyl Siding

Have you noticed strange noises coming from your exterior walls? In this situation, it’s natural to wonder: why is my vinyl siding so noisy? Several factors can contribute to cracks and pops from your siding, including improper installation, temperature changes, and wind. 

If you have noisy siding, our team at Opal Enterprises can help. Our Chicago siding replacement specialists can assess this common issue, determine the root cause, and discuss methods to fix the problem with you, starting right now.

Find out more about noisy siding by calling us or completing our online contact form. 

Is It Normal for Vinyl Siding to Make Noise?

Sometimes, sliding makes noise even after proper installation. For example, exterior siding may make noise due to temperature changes or windy conditions. However, appropriately installed siding should make minimal noise, even in these conditions. 

Why does Siding Make Noise When Temperatures Change?

The most common cause of noises, such as pops or creaks, is the expansion and contraction of your siding as the seasons change. When temperatures soar, vinyl will expand; when it’s cold outside, it will contract and become more brittle.

This expansion and contraction is sometimes accompanied by crackling or creaking when the temperature changes are dramatic. However, the sounds shouldn’t be noticeable if professionals correctly installed the materials to allow for this action.

Hiring an experienced contractor can minimize the issues associated with poor installation. 

Does Siding Make Noise When It’s Windy?

Sometimes, strong winds can result in noisy siding in Illinois. However, this issue is more likely if you’re dealing with loose siding. 

The wind can grab loose siding and shift it around, resulting in loud noises. Strong windows can also leave you with damaged siding if the wind pulls it completely free of your wall. 

You can reach out to a professional contractor if you have concerns about wind noise and the effects of the weather on your exterior siding. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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How do You Fix Noisy Siding?

One of the most common questions we get is about the “popping” or “crackling” sounds they hear from their vinyl siding. Unfortunately, if workers fail to install it properly, some kinds of vinyl cladding can make noises that last for weeks or even months.

In some severe cases, it can happen on and off for the life of the installation. So, how do we fix issues with noisy vinyl siding? In these cases, prevention represents the best method to handle this issue. You want a reputable contractor to properly put in your siding.

Installing your siding to the right level of tightness prevents noise and other issues caused by temperature fluctuations and wind. However, you may also speak with siding professionals about tightening loose siding to reduce noise.

Does Older Siding Make More Noise?

Even properly installed siding can start making loud sounds as it grows older. Continued exposure to hot and cold weather can loosen formerly tight siding, resulting in increased noises and other issues. 

Loose siding can cause more than cosmetic issues. The issue can also allow moisture into your home, potentially causing damage to your walls. We’re ready to handle issues with vinyl siding, including unwanted noises, when you contact us for help. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Should You Replace Noisy Siding?

Sometimes, the best way to handle noisy siding is a replacement. Our team can come out to your property, assess the issue, and provide recommendations about resolving the problem. We can help you plan out renovations. You can:

Select the Right Kind of Siding for Your Property

You have many types of siding to choose from if you’re interested in renovations. You don’t have to stick with vinyl siding. Instead, you might choose:

We’ll help you go over popular choices for property owners around Chicago. Each siding material has different benefits. For example, fiber cement siding is very durable, handling direct sunlight well and maintaining its color over many years. 

Work with Skilled Professionals

Our team at Opal Enterprises has years of experience handling siding replacement services. We have the tools and training to do the job right the first time, ensuring that you have a great renovation experience. 

Additionally, we back our work with a five-year workmanship warranty. Therefore, if you notice siding noises or other issues that indicate a problem, you can reach out to us for fast help with a resolution. We also handle window and door replacement along with patio installation. 

Choose High-Quality Materials

We have professional relationships with name-brand manufacturers, like James Hardie, allowing us to offer clients high-quality vinyl siding. These options stand up well to weather and temperature changes over time, reducing the odds of issues with noise. 

What does Siding Replacement Cost?

The cost to replace siding in and around Chicago varies based on factors like the kind of siding you choose and the size of your property. We can provide a cost estimate for the job when you reach out to us after dealing with noise issues. 

Additionally, if you need repairs on the siding we installed within our warranty window, it may impact the costs of repairs. Find out more by contacting us. We’re ready to discuss your needs and concerns today. You can count on us to handle all issues with vinyl siding quickly.  

Speak to Us About Issues with Noisy Vinyl Siding

So, why is your vinyl siding so noisy? Issues with improper installation can result in siding noises, especially in climates that see a lot of temperature changes. Wind can also contribute to noises from your siding. 

If you discover that the installation of your siding has a defect and it has been less than five years since the installation, we can redo your siding per our workmanship warranty. While we re-install your siding, we’ll give you tips on how to clean vinyl siding so you can keep your new siding in great shape.

You can schedule siding replacement services with our team at Opal Enterprises today. Call or complete our online contact form to begin the process.