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Why Are My Window Screens Ripping in Frankfort?

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  1. Reason #1: Water
  2. Reason #2: Pets
  3. Reason #3: Weather
  4. Reason #4: Improper Maintenance
  5. Repairs for Your Screen Door
  6. Benefits of Maintaining Window Screens
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Window screens keep privacy and prevent bugs or other intruders from entering your home. After a time, though, window screens start to rip and fail, allowing bugs to enter. When a window screen rips, it can no longer fit your window frame. Here are a few reasons why your screen may rip more quickly than others.

Reason #1: Water

With water, it ultimately warps, rusts, and cracks your window screen. Those screens that consist of wooden or aluminum frames are most susceptible to damage by water. Make sure you choose a structure that can withstand water.

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Reason #2: Pets

Whenever your pets jump and run around, their excitement can cause damage to your window screens. The pressure from pets’ bodies can cause the screen to rip or warp. Even if pets lie by the windows for sunshine, it can still damage window screens. 

Reason #3: Weather

Finally, in states where certain months experience extreme weather or monsoon season, that alone can damage or bend the window screen frame. Frankfort can get cold and dry in winter months and warm and muggy in summer months.

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Reason #4: Improper Maintenance

Repairs are inevitable when it comes to any aspect of the home. Improper maintenance can cause the screen to bend out of shape and rip. Even removing or rescreening can cause the screen to turn out of the body. It makes it challenging to have the frame flush within the window. 

Repairs for Your Screen Door

Window screen warps from pets, improper repair, and severe weather conditions deserve proper treatment. The experts of Opal Exteriors can address and rectify the situation. 

We can replace your window screens with new energy-efficient coverings that block up to 90% of the sun’s rays. Reduce heating and cooling expenses by removing your ineffective window screens today.

Benefits of Maintaining Window Screens

Screens are important. They serve to keep out pesky insects and cut costs on bills. Maintaining your window screens increases your home’s curb appeal. Window screens deflect rainwater since no window does well with water continually pooling upon it. 

Clean screens help to keep the exterior window panes from getting dirty. Dirt can’t splatter on your window glass. Good working screens reduce heat transfer too. While most of the work results from the coating on the glass, the argon and krypton gas between each pane contributes immensely to decreasing heat transfer.  

The window screen is a 200-year-old invention. Nevertheless, window screens continue to change the world. We no longer have to put up with the nuisance of bugs and other pests. The longevity of your screen depends on a few factors, like the type of screen, wear and tear, sun exposure, and more. 

In most cases, a window screen lasts between 10 and 15 years. Regular cleaning can help a window screen last an additional five to 10 years. Maintaining your window screens is only one part of home maintenance. If your windows are beyond repair, and you’re ready to have them replaces, Opal Enterprises is ready to help today. 

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